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You don't want to wire the fan "always on". It'll kill your battery when not running. There is a heat sensor near the thermostat housing in my GM 3.8L that controls the fan. Because GM wants the engine running hot for fuel economy, the fan is triggered at 224 degrees even though the "stat" is set to open at 190 degrees. If you can't hear or see your fan operating after the engine is really hot, check the fan motor and the sensor to see which isn't working. You didn't say if you are boiling over so unless you're in Alaska, I suspect the fan is working OK.

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Q: How do you wire the fan to stay on if you think it is not coming on?
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Need hunter fan remote directions?

I have a Hunter ceiling fan that is operate's by remote only, I have a red wire coming out of the ceiling where do I hook that wire ?

How do you rewire a wall switch to control both ceiling fan and light. The switch currently furns the fan on and off but the light has to be controlled with a pull chain?

Open up the ceiling box and disconnect the blue wire coming from the light and connect it to the black wire coming from the fan. Be sure and put a wire nut on the wire where the light was connected before you removed it. The wall switch is controlling power to the wire where the fan is connected so when you connect the blue fan wire to that connection you will be sending power to both the fan and light from the wall switch.

When the outside fan on a central air unit doesn't come on will the compressor still kick on?

Yes it can. If the fan is not coming on you could have a bad fan motor, a bad capacitor, a loose wire at the contactor, or a loose wire at the capacitor.

How do you wire a three wired ceiling fan to a two wired wall outlet?

Connect the black & blue wire on the ceiling fan to the black wire coming from the wall outlet. Connect the white to the white and green ground to copper ground.

What do you do with the red fan wire coming from the ceiling?

you put electrical tape on it tpo avoid shock or hook another ceiling fan up tro it

How do you connect a ceiling fan to a regulator?

First make sure there is no power going to the regulator. You find the wires that are coming from the j box or regulator. You then wire one of each wire to one of each wire to the ceiling fan. You then tape the wires together but separate from each other. Then you continue to finish hanging the fan.

What to do with red wire after removing ceiling fan?

When you see a three wire in a fan junction box it was probably wired for switch so that the fan and light, if there was one, could be switched independently. Just cap the wire off with a wire nut and push it into the back of the box. Connect the fan to the black and white wire for the fan to operate.

How do you wire electric fans?

no sparking fanThe white wire from the fan to the white wire from the ceiling get wire nutted together.The black and blue wire from the fan go to the black wire from the ceiling and all 3 get wire nutted together. Lastly the green wire from the fan and the bare copper wire from the ceiling get wire nutted together. 90% of fans are wired this way.

Why doesn't my 300d Mercedes fan work?

Disconnect the plug to your fan. Hook a jumper wire to ground the negative wire and a hot wire to the positive wire. If the fan doesn't work, then you can buy one on Ebay or other sources.

How do you test the coolant fan relay?

Use a test light. You should have power coming in on a larger wire pretty much all the time. You have a signal wire that is only hot when the fan is needed. Turn the ac on. the fan should run anytime it's turned on. if that works, your relay works. As always, check the fuses.

Radiator fan does not work?

Run a hot wire to the positive wire on the radiator fan. If it works, then you have a fuse or a relay (or even a short in the wire). If it doesn't work at all, then the fan motor is bad.

What happen to the wrestler the undertaker?

i think undertaker is coming i hope he comes back I am a big fan

How do you troubleshoot and fix a Lincoln LS fan The motor is V8 and the car runs hot while idling it looks like the fan is not coming on?

Hook up direct wire leads from the battery to the fan terminals to check the fan operation. If they don't work, then the fans are bad. If they do, then check the fan relay.

How to connect electricity wire to three wired out ceiling fan?

Some ceiling fans have a black, white and sometimes blue wire. The blue wire in this case is so you can switch a light separate from fan. If your fan doesn't have a light just put a wirenut on extra wire and ignore it. If you do have a light and want it switched you'll need an extra wire run to fan, and switch that wire for light.

Why is your 93 accord radiator fan coming on when the engine is off?

Most modern vehiciles have electric fans on them to cool the radiators. The fan stays on for awhile after you shut off the engine, this is normal as long as the fan does not stay on all the time.

Crown vic cooling fan do not come on?

First check that the fan does work. Unplug at the fan and jump the wire to see if the fan works. If yes, then change the fan temp sensor or check the wiring to the sensor. If the fan does not come on when you jump the wire, then have the fan replaced.

What do you do with the red wire if your ceiling fan instructions do not tell you to use the red anywhere?

You connect it with the same hot wire as the black wire in the fan. It is intended to be tied to a different switch. One for the fan, and one for the light kit.

How do you install a ceiling fan to plug into a wall outlet and should you use two or three strand electrical cord and which strand on the cord connects to which fan wires?

The neutral wire will have writing or ribs on it and connects to the white wire. The smooth wire is hot and connects to the black wire. Use 3 strand wire in size AWG # 16. If the fan has a light it will have a blue wire. Connect that blue wire to the black wire.

How would you hard wire a cooling fan for a 1991 v6 firebird you have no voltage to fan?

wire yourself a toggle switch between the battery and fan and run into passenger compartment

How do you connect red wire?

if you mean the red wire used for a ceiling fan you connect the red wire to the blue wire

What else should you do if your AC fan will not stay on and you already have a new fan motor and cap?

Check to see that you are getting voltage to the motor. You must check for both high and low voltage. The low voltage for the fan usually comes from the green thermostat wire. Set your thermostat to the off position but the fan in the on position. Put your meter leads to the red thermostat wire and the common wire(usually blue) and you should get 24 volts. If you have no common wire use the red and yellow wire. This will establish that the transformer is working. If you get 24 volts the transformer is good, if you get no voltage reading the transformer is either bad or you have no high voltage getting to the unit. If your transformer is good check from red wire to the green wire, if you get 24 volts you have a bad tstat; if you get no voltage that indicates the tstat is good and the fan should be working, again check for high voltage. It could also be a bad fan relay.

What is the fuse type wire that goes to the fan motor?

fuse type wire to fan moter under hood on a 1994 geo metro,what is it?

How do you install a ceiling fan with black white red and green wires in the junction box and only a black white and green on the fan?

Just wire the fan color to color and wire nut the red wire it insulate it from shorting out in case it is hot.

The electric fan for the radiator does not kick in when the temp goes up at idle How do you find the coolant temp sensor for the fan of a Chevrolet Celebrity 1984?

First, un plug the wire at the fan, jump the wire and see if the fan does work. If it does, trace the wire back to the sensor, there are only 2 sensors, 1 for temp gauge, and 1 for the fan.

How do you change a 3 wire cealing fan circuit to a 2 wire light circuit?

Sure; the fan has 3 wires so you can wire the light and fan separately, but if you don't have that option, you don't NEED to put the fan and the light on separate switches. You can always turn the light or fan on/off using the pull strings.