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How do you write a feature article?



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To inform, persuade, reflect, entertain


1. Headline:

What is the title of the article? (Reflect the issue in the article, use a pun or alliteration)

2. Introductory Statement (sometimes presented as a rhetorical question)

What is the central issue that is being outlined

3. Anecdote: to lead into issue/event?

What short narrative best illustrates the issue? (Personal short story related to the article)

4. Body of the feature article

i) A statement of the issue supported by facts, statistics, quotes and summed up with a personal comment.

ii) Another anecdote

iii) Following paragraphs

iv) Also have another discussion of the issue

What additional facts and quotes illustrate the issue?

5. Conclusion

Does the statement of the theme summarise the writer's attitude?

Make a recommendation/reference to something better

6. Other features to consider:

  • Short Paragraphs
  • Descriptive Language
  • Rhetorical Questions
  • Quotations (From interviews with experts, direct or indirect, " " or says
  • Present tense
  • Use of Conjunctions
  • Third person mixed with first person comment
  • Words related to subject
  • layout - columns, photographs (illustrate the idea), cartoons, colour, background colour (aka descriptive language)