How do you write a formal emcee script?

1. Know the program (the flow, the speaker, the nature of event, etc.).

2. Gather as many information as you can with regards to the speakers, the event and other related data.

3. Start making your script by making an Intro (humorous phrase or story perhaps)

4. Then relate your opening story or your introduction to the event.

5. Proceed by going through the details of the program and make appropriate transition form one portion to another.

NOTE: Every time you introduce the next portion of the program use transition such as humor or story. Don't just read the flow but make it more exciting portion after portion.

6. As an EMCEE you are the one who controls the pace. If the EMCEE is without enthusiasm the program becomes dry, but if you are lively the program becomes memorable.

7. Do your best and prepare, remember: you are called the "Master of Ceremony"

- conqueror13