How do you write a love note on Valentines Day to a 11 year old by from and 11 year old girl?

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well i would write a poem like roses are red some diamonds are blue just to let you know i really like you!or something like that
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How do you get an 11 year old girl to love you?

Does she know you like her? Just say, you don't want to ruin your friendship with her but you really like her and if she does too then that's great but if she says she doesn't than carry on being friends. After all, she's only 11 and she might change her mind :-)

How do you get a 11 year old girl to love you?

You don't. If you're another kid asking this question, you're both too young for love. If you're family, she already does. If you're anything else, well...get help. Your question comes across a little creepy.

How do you know if your in love if your an 11 year old girl?


What does 11 year old girls do?

They start liking boys, almost always on the computer, wants an e-mail adders, like playing around , tries to be cool or is , cries when called ugly or fights back or even says nothing, loves parties alot likes some consel games and might want a boyfriend. starts worrying about fitting in,want ( Full Answer )

Can 11 year olds fall in love?

Hormone activity has a lot to do with it. Some kids (or rather, 11-year-olds) claim that they can (and probably have) fallen in love at that age, others believe that a child at 11 years old is too young and too immature, both sexually and psychologically to fall in love or understand what "falling i ( Full Answer )

What is the IQ for a 11 year old girl?

IQ does not vary by age so ideally the IQ of a 70 year-old woman would not vary by more than a few points from her IQ at age 11; that being said, an average IQ would be from 90 to 110 (also dependent on the test.)

Is it wrong for a 10 year old girl to be in love with a 11 year old boy?

No, but in 5 years, you'll probably realize it wasn't "love", but more like a temporary infatuation.. of course not! you are old enuf to be in the same grade as him! and it doesent matter how old you are to be in love.Dont miss this chance it might be your only one.

I love a 11 year girl old how do you ask her out?

Girls arent always the most "oh sure ill go out with" so you know become her friend give off hints that you do once you get to know her let her know that you have a crush or to ease off stress give her a little note but make sure if she says "yes" that she isn't trying to play you (go out with you w ( Full Answer )

How do you make a 11 year old girl fall in love with you?

you cant. shes eleven. an eleven year old doesn't know what true love is. The answer above me is totally wrong, when i was 9 i had what started out as just a ccrush, but everyday it grew stronger and more and more i longed for him. Except he was the one my best friend had been out with 3 times. ( Full Answer )

How do you get a girl at 11 years old?

You don't. At 11, you are too young. Go have fun with your friends. I'm 14 and I don't have a girlfriend. I'm not geeky or anything I just enjoy spending time with my friends.Wait till your 18.

How do you tell if a 11 year old girl loves you?

Im a 11 year old girl i should know that you tell if a girl likes you. She always says, "I Know Who Fancies You.." But never tells you, If you receive a card, they say it's from a Primary 5 or 4 girl, and she saw them, It's A Lie.. Trust Me You Should Get A Friend Of Your's And Her's, Ask them to as ( Full Answer )

Is it ok to love at 11 years old?

To be in love knows no age limits, but to make love requires more maturity. Eleven is way too early for that.

What doo you give your 11 year old boyfriend for valentines day?

if he really loves you it wont matter what you give him, its the thought that counts. But, if you really want togive him something, get him something he likes. for example, if he's into sports get him something sports-related.

How do you make a 11 year old girl love a 11 year old boy?

OK I'm an (eleven year old) girl, but I'm helping the enemy ( boys ) first just watch her. Blush and look away when she sees you. Then gaze into her eyes, again, look away when she sees you. Next if you're next to her in school start to talk to her. Become friends with her. After that, start to ( Full Answer )

How can an 11 year old get a girl?

Get to know her then ask her to play outside. make sure you have one of her favorite things. then say "so... nice day. would you like to go steady" the kiss her. (this has happen to me before) I am an 11 year old girl and what some of my friends look for are if they are not mean and good looking and ( Full Answer )

Can 11 year old girls fall in love?

Anyone can fall in love. If this is the first time you've ever had a crush this big, then it could be something called an infatuation. Sometimes you like someone so much you create an illusion that they're perfect for you. Something that might help you decide is a pros and cons list. What are the th ( Full Answer )

What do you do when a 11 year old girl loves a 12 year old boy?

Be yourself, be nice, get good grades. You're too young to be worrying about that kind of stuff - if the boy likes you, then it should be because you're focused on schoolwork, family, and friends rather than chasing him. I'm 14, and I still haven't "dated" yet. It might seem like a long time, but it ( Full Answer )

What to get your 11 year old girlfriend for valentines day?

11 year old girls LOVE jewelry, perfume, and especially nail polish. Well, those gifts work with any girl. But if you really want to show her your love for her, write her a romantic or funny poem. Remember, girls love to see the sensitive side of guys. Buy her a gift card to one of her favorite stor ( Full Answer )

What do you get your 11 year old boyfriend for valentines day?

You shouldn't have a boyfriend at 11 years old, but if you MUST know, I would go with a gift card, or a candy basket. Maybe even a movie he has wanted to see or a CD he has been wanting.  .   . NOTE TO ALL YOUNGSTERS: You should not have a boyfriend until at least 13!

How do you get a 11 year old boy to love you?

sounds like puppy love don't rush life, and there is nothing you can do to make him love you, either he does or he doesn't, you can't make someone to do that unless they want to

Can an 11 year old be in love?

you are too young to know what love truly is, love is when you would die for someone, if they were about to be shot, you would get in the way. You wouldn't leave him/her for anything My name is jennifer and im in love so i say u can but u just rnt as much in love as u r with someone when u r older ( Full Answer )

How do you get a 12 year old boy to fall in love with a 11 year old girl?

you cant it is their choice to fall in love. A lot of the ideas that people have about love involves lust or sexual attraction to start of with. sot to get a young boy to fall victim to sexual attraction he would first have to have started puberty which means that he would have the hormones prese ( Full Answer )

A boyfriend for a 11 year old girl?

it is great to have friends at the age of 11, however, an actual "boyfriend" is totally inappropriate. ----------------------------------- but if you wait a little while you may get together when your older. when you are younger relationships (boy girl) will not last it is better to get into th ( Full Answer )

Where can a 11 year old girl get a job at?

A 11 year old girl could get a job easily! You can work at community centers, church, and other places like old people homes! You could help cleaning, help the people that need help out. It's also giving back to the community so that's good.

How do you get abs for a girl who is 11 years old?

Muscle training should be avoided, so as to avoid stunting growth, but cardiovascular sports like running, swimming, lacrosse and even dance would be a healthy way to lose tummy fat. In this way will the natural abdomen be more exposed. That is true but it is possible for an 11 year old girl to ( Full Answer )

How do you get an 11 year old to love you?

You can not "get" anyone to love you. If you are a good person and you let your personality shine through, many people will be attracted to you. As you develop a relationship and get to know someone better, sometimes love develops. If you feel like you love an 11-year-old and you are also in that ag ( Full Answer )

What to do when a 11 year old girl is bored?

The world is an interesting place and "boredom" comes from inside people not the world. If you are "bored" do something. You can start with thinking of 25 questions that you want answers to. I don't mean stupid or silly questions, but real questions. Then, go look for the answers. Go learn a new art ( Full Answer )

How do you get an 11 year old girl to kiss you?

It's Pretty Simple But First, . She Needs To Like You . She Needs To Know Your Gonna Do It Just Look Into Her Eyes and Lean In ( She'll Know :3 ) and make sure you wont regret it. I'm in 7th Grade and You'll Seem Like a Player When You Go to 7th ( assuming your in 6th ) Or Simply Ask ( Full Answer )

What are 11 year old girls into?

well I'm 11 and I'm little in to guys my age and friends, family ,and more computer games, friends, shopping, etc. Everybody says I am pretty but I can tell you what I am not intrested in guys at ALL friends is what I like the most. shopping is fun also. im 11 to and im guesing a boy thats als ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if an 11 year old girl loves you?

1. She looks at u, and sometimes whispers to her friend while doing it. 2. She blushes at u. 3. At socials/dances/get togethers she tries to be close to you. 4. She wants to be friends with you.

What do they do at a 11 year old girls physical?

They will do all the normal stuff, height, weight exc. but I know what u want is the awkward stuff. So my doctor is very modest so I will do my friends doctor. Basically they say- it's okay, I'm a doctor (soooo annoying) and then they lift up your shirt (and bra) and see if your developing and then ( Full Answer )

How do you get 11 year old girls to like you?

I am assuming that you must be around 11 as well. My advice is wait. You are a kid, there is no need to rush into relationships at your age.(another person ,eg 11 years old)so like we don't like it when you try to act all cool and wear wierd clothes ,just be nice,not anoying and be nice to us..that ( Full Answer )

How do you know if a 11 year old girl to loves you?

Love at 11....Not really common. What we percieve to be love, is not most of the time. In a couple years (maybe even months) you/they will be onto someone else. When you say you love someone, it should mean more than just saying some words. I would advise kids your age to hold off saying I love you ( Full Answer )

How to get an 11 year old girl to love a 11 year old boy?

you have to sweep her off her feet (NOT LITERALLYYY)but do sweet stuff for her but don't cling on to her PLAY WITH to other kids too not just her.bring her somewhere maybe Disneyland (LOL)shell b urs in no time!! Good Luck

What to get an 11 year old boy for valentines?

Well it depends on the boy's personality i got my boyfriend a bear that says you'll always be mine and some chocalate i also wrote a song about him he thought that was the sweetest thing anyone could have done.

How can you say to an 11 years old girl that you love her?

You gotta get to know her first I'm Andy I'm in 7th grade I just recently passed 6th I had the same problem as you try to be around her more often and see what you guys have in common. When you feel the time is right go ahead and ask her out. Don't wait too long or else she will find somebody else. ( Full Answer )

What to do for an 11 year old girl?

there are many things for an 11 year old girl to do. like....... 1. face book 2. call a friend 3. run around 4. bother a sibling 5. put up a lemonade stand if it is a hot day or a hot cocoa stand if it is cold 6. think of ways to make money 7. go on youtube 8. prank someone 9. watch t.v. 10. play ( Full Answer )

Can a 11 year old girl love her teacher that is in his 30s?

Well it seems a little odd that this 11 year old loves her teacher that's in his/her 30s. To put it bluntly, no this teacher is much too old for a person that young. Now if its like a family love then yes, romantically no.