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A noun denoting ownership is called a possessive noun.

A possessive noun is indicated by an apostrophe s ('s) added to the end of the noun, or just an apostrophe (') after the ending s of a plural noun that already ends with an s.

A proper possessive noun is formed the same as a common noun.


I'll meet you at the doctor's office. (common possessive noun)

I'll meet you at Doctor Mason's office. (proper possessive noun)

What is the country's capital? (common possessive noun)

What is Finland's capital? (proper possessive noun)

I have to refill the chips' bowl. (common possessive noun)

I have to refill the Doritos' bowl. (proper possessive noun)

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The word "town" is a common noun. A proper noun denoting a town would be the name of a specific town, like Washington or Springville.

As a proper noun denoting a specific corporate entity; yes.

Write is not noun. Write is actually a verb.

Yes, the noun "Wayne" is a propernoun, the name of a person.The noun "Wayne's" is a proper, possessive noun, a word showing possession or ownership of a car. The word 'car' is a common noun.

Halloween is a proper noun. That is why it begins with a capital letter.

Something like "Her name was Katie." You have a common noun for the proper noun.

If you're referring to actor Kelsey Grammer, then yes, Grammer is a proper noun. If you meant to write grammar, then no, it's not a proper noun.

Yes because a proper noun uses a person place or things name

I would write it out just as you have. "Alfredo" is a proper noun. It is a restaurant in Rome founded by a man named Alfredo. "Fettuccine" is a common noun, and when a common noun is used with a proper noun, only the proper noun should be capitalized.

The common noun 'aunt' becomes a proper noun when referring to a specific aunt by name and should be capitalized: Aunt Jane

Mr. Beckman is a proper noun. Proper nouns are the unique names of people, places, or things. Common nouns are the words for general things. If a common noun is part of a name, it becomes a proper noun. Pronouns always replace proper and common nouns.

A 'active noun' is a noun denoting action, for example, arrival, swimming, movement, etc.

A noun that shows ownership using an apostrophe is a possessive noun.

Toyota is a proper noun.

well you can write a about an animal and where it lives and how it lived

is coast is a common or proper noun

No, it is a proper noun.No, it is a proper noun.

The noun Yujin is a proper noun, the name of a person. A proper noun is always capitalized.The possessive form for a friend of Yujin is Yujin's friend.

Boston is a proper noun.

if you are talking about if it is a common noun or a proper noun, it is a proper noun.

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