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To answer a reading log you have to read a book and then you summarise it.

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Q: How do you write a reading log?
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How do you finish a reading log?

You finish a reading log by reading a book of choice for 20 minutes and once done reading you have a log or journal where you choose a question to answer and you write a few sentences to a paragraph or any amount bigger.

What are the benefits of having a reading log?

Reading logs add to the satisfaction of reading by providing an interactive method of sharing ideas. Readers write down their thoughts and share them with the group.

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Write a log now, documenting all of the ways you avoided doing the reading and what you did when you were supposed to be doing the reading. Include dates of activities (if possible) and a review (you could use a star system like for movies and videos) for each activity. You will still get an F on the assignment, but if the teacher has a sense of humor, you may get an A for creativity.

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