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How do you write an explanation?

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March 05, 2010 11:20PM

How To Write An Explanation:

(E.g Why it is important as New Zealander's we know how to swim)

Body 1: Introduction- Write about main points, a short introduction about what you will be writing about. (You could start the explanation off with a rhetorcal question.)

Body 2: Explanation: Choose one topic off your list of ideas and relate to it by writing about the cause/effect and the consequences.

Body 3: (Tip: remember to write down all of your ideas even if you think they are a little ridiculous you can add those bits as the humor part of the explanation.) Discuss about the cost line and how NZ has many beaches and how most of them have no lifeguards. Carry on with a short and simple paragraph.

Body 4: Conclusion- This is the paragraph where you can conclude all of your statements and finish off with a sentence that will make the reader want to know how to swim.


"Whether you're a mermaid training for the Olympics or a person that owns a bath tub it is important for each and every one of us to no how to swim...." <---- Example of a humorous explanation opening!!