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How do you write an interior monolog?

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November 26, 2012 4:12PM

I'm not an expert on writing interior monologues - I'm really

only writing this because the previous answer here was simply a bad

comment. However, I will tell you what I think/know.

An interior monologue is a dramatic technique used by an actor

to present his/her character's innermost thoughts. So, in building

this monologue, we must first establish a character. Ask important

character questions such as: Who am I? What do I do for a living?

What is my education? How do I feel at this moment? What are my

opinions? excetera (maybe you could use Stanislavski's Fundamental

Questions). From this, we can create the basis of the monologue. We

have to know these things so we can see how the character will

think and act on stage.

You should note that thoughts aren't really in an order.

Depending on your character's emotions, their thoughts may be all

over the place (jumpy) or calm and collected (orderly). Sit and

listen to your thoughts for a moment. Do they stay on track all of

the time or do they get distracted? you may be able to use this as

a guideline to your monologue.

Now is the time to write. You have your characer, so now you

have to figure out what he/she is doing. What is he/she thinking

about? What is he/she discussing? Jot down a few poins you want to

explore. Maybe you could link them together. Just remember not to

stray too far away from your message/theme.

From here, you could develop some of your monologue. Expand on

one of your points and explore it. Don't be affraid to branch out

and explore something different. It is often the different things

that make the best monologues.

Expand and explore your points until you feel it is at its best.

Be sure to edit it frequently - this is how works get better. When

I'm writing, it helps if I take a break from it once in a while to

return with a fresh perspective. Just don't leave it to the last


From here, it is action time. Figure out what you want your

character to do on stage. Plot movement and props, so on your

performance day, you are not left wondering what to do. Be


Don't take my advice as law. I've only written one monologue, so

how should I know? I'm just telling you this asan amateur drama

student. Take what you want from this answer.

Also visit www.notmyshoes.net/monologues/ as that website has an

array of very good monologues that are sure to inspire you as they

did me. Be sure to check out Like Dreaming, Backwards

(Powell Contemporary) [found on the site mentioned] as that is

close to an interior monologe.

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