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Join a nice church and participate in their singles activities. join a health club at least he will be in shape or trying to get there. Volunteer and youth groups where you will more people. Go to the beach with friends (good place to meet the opposite sex.) Get a job and you'll open up a whole new world of people. Good luck

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Is it better for guys to date high school girls or college girls or university girls?

they should not date any till they have finished school and have gotten a career

How do you get a girlfriend in the 7th grade and she already has a boyfriend?

You're too young to date, concentrate on school and college, then when you work, all girls will come to you

How do you date college girls?


Why do college guys date high school girls?

Why not? Considering consent... why wouldn't they? There's not a cut-off age that limits college people to date only among themselves.

What are some things that make college worse than high school?

Harder to find girls that are single and want to date!

What date does the college year start?

You Can go to Collage or Universitie when you turn grown up finishing school. When really young adults.

Is there a possibility that you can date Justin Bieber?

Well yes, but he won't date girls who are to young or to old....

Can girls of 9 years old date Cameron boyce?

No, at 9 you are too young to date.

Do boys want to date young girls with mindless behavior?

No they don't

What is the exam date?

Contact the school, college or institution concerned

What is a commencement date?

A commencement date is the date of a college or high school graduation. Typically a college will host two commencements a year, one in the spring and one in the winter.

How do you get a high school girlfriend when your in middle school?

You should find somone your own age, they may be ready and mature enough for things you are not, usually highschool girls date highschool guys, ad middle school girls date middle school guys, it's easier to date someone when you both are at the same school. those answers are good but if its one of those hot blonde high school girls go for it

What date is the secondary school and college march break in Ontario?

Georgian college Bracebridge Ontario

What does it mean if all high school college and university girls blush a severe dark red color with only one university guy?

They love you, date them as much as possible

When is Parvati girls hindu college going to penal?

It should move to Penal in about 2-3 years from date. They have already drawn the plan for the school. It is just for them to start construction.

How can you get a guy to date you for young girls?

it's not about the looks or the age it's about the personality in the person

Would anyone in Hollywood Undead date young girls?

Prob not. Give it up.

What are the release dates for The Six - 2011 The Six Girls You'll Date in College 1-1?

The Six - 2011 The Six Girls You'll Date in College 1-1 was released on: USA: 18 April 2011

How many girls did Michael Jackson date when he was young?

Well, no one knows for sure, but he was seen with several girls on his arms a lot of the time. He did date Tatum O'neal, and a couple other girls. Who really cares anyway, you would be sooo lucky to date him! I know I would date him! :)

What is the youngest Josh Hutcherson will date?

He will date girls that are 4 years younger than him. (I'm a friend:D) not older...He said he doesnt like to go out with girls that are older than him....why? How young are you?

What to do if you like a girl but you are leaving for college soon?

If you are going to be away at college for a long while and not able to come home that often then it is best to not get involved with a girl where you live. Many times young men and women go off to college; make different friends and meet and date several girls.

Do Bryan breeding date young girls?

I don't think so. He dates s his age.

How old does niall like his girls that he would date?

55-years-old is a young as they go

College girls what is the max age you would date a guy?

i think 28...i'm 20

How do 11 year old boys get girls?

You don't. That age is way too young to be thinking about girls.