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Q: How does Coconut oil help a poison ivy rash should it only be used later during healing stage?
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What should be the acid value of coconut oil?

The acid value of coconut oil should be approximately 1.0 - 2.0%. Coconut oil can be found in most grocery stores.

How do you extract coconut oil from a coconut?

First, you should chop the coconut meat into pieces; then fry the coconut meat. Then extract oil with an oil press.

How many cups of coconut in can of angel flake coconut?

Each can of Angel Flake Coconut contains 1 1/3 cups of coconut. After the can is open it should be stored in the refrigerator.

What not to do after healing from a collapsed lung?

People who are healing from a collapsed lung should not exercise. They should stay calm and relaxed and not get over excited.

How long will a coconut keep?

A coconut usually lasts 2 - 3 weeks, but after a month you should not use it.

What type of poison should not be thrown up?

Any poison ingested should not be thrown up, simply clean the mouth and call poison center for further advice.

What should you do if your cat got into rat poison?

Call your local poison control and/or the maker of the poison for their expert advice.

Is it safe to have coconut water daily during pregnancy?

Yes, Coconut has proved to be a safe staple food in many island areas. The only fruit or nut I can think of that should be avoided eating very much of is Papayas and soybeans (soy has lots of estrogens, and can interfere with sexual development). But coconut would probably be very beneficial. Coconut is very anti fungal: this would help prevent yeast infection; and all the healthy fats should help your baby's mental health as well as your own.

What happens if you go too deep on a tattoo?

You scar the area naturally, and the ink will fall out during the prolonged healing time. This should not happen if you know what you are doing.

How much coconut water should you drink per day?

the coconut water can drink per day 2 litres

What can you do about poison ivy?

Most people use calamine but it doesn't really help. You should try tecnu which you should be able to get from the pharmacy. Tecnu removes poison ivy and poison oak oils.

How much grated coconut in one coconut?

A mature coconut should yield about 12 oz of copra (coconut meat) after shelling and peeling off the brown backing. This is equivalent to about 4 oz dried coconut. Dried grated coconut runs about 4 oz to one cup lightly packed so a whole coconut will be about 1 cup of dried grated coconut. So if an Indian recipe calls for "1/2 dried coconut grated", figure about 2 oz of dried grated coconut or 6 oz of fresh.

What should you do if you have poison ivy?


Should you eat a poison dart frog?

No. You should not.

Is coconut milk high in uric acid?

Coconut milk is low in purine and should not be problematic in the production of uric acid. Uric acid is a waste product produced by the body during the breakdown of purine, a substance found in the body's cells and in virtually all foods. For more information, see the Related Link.

What is coconut creme?

Coconut milk is the strained juice from the meat of a fresh coconut. Many confuse the watery stuff found in the center of a coconut to be coconut milk wheras this is actually the coconut's stored water supply. Coconut water is a fresh and tasty source of emergency water when one is stranded on an island. However, the strained coconut milk should be drank in very small quantities as it is a natural laxative. Coconut milk is fairly commonly used in cooking, especially in desserts. Coconut Cream is the whipped form of coconut milk (it whips fairly easily). Sometimes, when purchasing coconut cream by the can, the contents will come in a cream form.

What steps should be taken if someone drinks a poison?

It depends what kind of poison, but the best thing to do is call poison control. They'll take it from there.

Should a lemon coconut cake be refrigerated?


Is coconut juice bad for the cough?

It should be I think, if you're talking about coconut MILK, then yes. If your talking about coconut WATER, then no. Although dont take the risk and ignore this answer.

Should you turn and or rotate your cartilage piercing?

Im not sure if you should or not, but it should help. It prevents the piercing healing around the jewllery. Also it makes the healing area used to movement and more resistant to it.

Does coconut cream pie have to be refrigerated?

Yes, coconut cream pie should be refrigerated because it contains egg. Any custard based pie or pies made with eggs, cream or milk should be refrigerated.

What if puppy eats mice poison?

if a dog eats mice poison you should see a vet about it

Does a coconut cake need to be refrigerated?

Yes it does need to be refrigerated because if not then the frosting (if on cake) will start to melt and coconut willturn brown. If you are not in a hot climate your cake will last longer if you don't put it in the fridge. Refrigeration makes cakes go stale quickly. Coconut will go brown only if it is fresh coconut, desiccated coconut should be fine.

How long can you keep unopened can of cream of coconut?

A can of cream of coconut that is not opened can stay fresh for up to 18 months. It should be placed in the pantry.

Can you still wear clothes after you get bug poison on them?

No, if you do you may absorb the poison they contain through your skin. You should wash them before you wear them again. You should also shower (not bath) yourself if you got the poison on while wearing them.