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The Simpsons don't die for one and according to Matt groening (the producer he doesnt plan to end it any time soon !!!

Unlesss its the Treehouses of Horror. Heres a few of Homer Dying: fAlling of a cliff,eating broccoli,getting shot by flanders,getting stabbed by flanders,suffocating in outer space so he wouldn't have to listen to rosie o donnel, etc.

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Simpsons or family guy?

The Simpsons !!!

What Simpsons games are out?

Video GamesDS: The Simpsons GamePlayStation: The Simpsons Wrestling (possibly no longer available)GameCube: The Simpsons Hit & Run, The Simpsons Road RagePC: The Simpsons Cartoon Studio (possibly no longer available), The Simpsons Hit and RunXBox: The Simpsons Road Rage, The Simpsons Hit & RunPS2: The Simpsons Game, The Simpsons Hit And Run, The Simpsons Road Rage, The Simpsons SkateboardingXBox 360: The Simpsons GameWii: The Simpsons GameGameboy Advance: The Simpsons Road Rage (this may no longer be available in most stores as most don't sell Gameboy games anymore)Gameboy Color: The Simpsons Night Of The Living Treehouse Of Horror (read above)PS3: The Simpsons GamePSP: The Simpsons GameOther GamesSimpsons Monopoly (with either normal or electronic banking0Simpsons ScrabbleSimpsons ChessSimpsons PokerSimpsons CluedoSimpsons DartsSimpsons BasketballSimpsons BowlingSimpsons ScalextrixThe Simpsons Board GameThe Simpsons Battle Of The SexesThe Simpsons Guess Who (I have never actually seen this in the shops so I don't know where you would buy it from, but there was a picture of it on Google)The Simpsons Game Of LifeThe Simpsons Lost and Found Board GameThe Simpsons Wheel OF Fortune (again I have never seen this in the shops, but it was on Google)The Simpsons The Loser Takes All (again I have never seen this in the shops, but it was on Google)The Simpsons OperationThe Simpsons JeopardyThe Simpsons Pinball MachineThere are also various Simpsons Top Trumps packs.

What episode of the Simpsons does Homer's mother die?

Mona Leaves-a a very sad episode.

How many Simpsons are there in The Simpsons?

There are 6 Simpsons in the family though there are over 20 other known Simpsons that have appeared in the show

How many member's are there in The Simpsons?

there are 5 member's in the simpsons there are 5 member's in the simpsons

When does ms choksondik die?

It has come to my attention that she dies in the simpsons did it episode, but doesn't she die again in the professor chaos episode as well.

Who is the father in the simpsons?

homer simpsons

What is better SpongeBob or Simpsons?

simpsons hands down Spongebob. Simpsons are outdated. simpsons is more funny im bord of spongebob

What is Disney's The Simpsons?

There's no such thing as Disney's TheSimpsons.The Simpsons is owned by FOX not Disney.

What episode are Chelsea on The Simpsons?

They was no episode of The Simpsons with Chelsea. Chelsea FC simply were represented as Simpsons characters as promotion for the Simpsons 25th anniversary.

Who is the drunk on the Simpsons?

Barney is the drunk on the Simpsons.

What was the Simpsons movie called?

The Simpsons Movie

Name of The Simpsons movie?

the simpsons movie

Where is the simpsons performing at?

the simpsons is perfirmed at America

Where did the Simpsons escape in The Simpsons Movie?


What nationality are the Simpsons?

The nationality of The Simpsons are American.

When did The Simpsons and Futurama debut?

The Simpsons Shorts | 1987 The Simpsons Series | 1989 Futurama | 1999

Is FOX going to cancel The Simpsons?

Of course. Eventually FOX will cancel The Simpsons, once the cost of making the show outweighs the money it brings in, or perhaps one or more of the main cast die or retire.

Did Homer Simpson die on The Simpsons?

Yes. He died in a future based episode but Professor Frink cloned him.

Who will die in The Simpsons' Season 26 premiere?

Krusty's father, Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky died.

How many movies have The Simpsons done?

As of 2012, there is just one Simpsons movie: The Simpsons Movie (2007).

What is the name of The Simpsons theme song?

The Simpsons Theme

What genre is The Simpsons series?

The genre of The Simpsons is comedy

Who are the creaters of the Simpsons?

Matt Greoning created the simpsons.

What links Abraham Lincoln with The Simpsons?

he's on the simpsons.