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How does WikiAnswers work?

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Essentially, here's how WikiAnswers works: # Someone asks a question. # Someone answers the question. # Over time, other contributors improve the wording of the question, make it easier to find, develop the answer, etc. # When someone else asks the same question, the answer is there. It should be noted that WikiAnswers is not a search engine like Google, nor a multiple-answer site like, so questions must be questions (not statements or keywords).

2009-07-04 12:50:35
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Q: How does WikiAnswers work?
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Is WikiAnswers work?

WikiAnswers is not work at all! It's fun!

Does WikiAnswers work?

Yes it do

Does WikiAnswers work always?


Who are the administrators of WikiAnswers?

WikiAnswers is owned by The highest users on this site (they work for WikiAnswers/Answers) are the Community Assistants.

Does The WikiAnswers Website Always Work?

The WikiAnswers website works most of the time, if it doesn't work you can report the bug on the forums.

Do trust points help you get you hired to work for WikiAnswers?

Trust points do not entirely help you get hired to work for WikiAnswers, since actually getting paid to work for WikiAnswers is different from the amount of trust points you received online.

Do people who work on WikiAnswers get paid?


Does WikiAnswers work like butter?

No, WikiAnswers works more like chocolate milk.

What does it take to become some sort of Wikianswers admin?

The administrators of WikiAnswers who have all the powers of supervisors and more are Community Assistants. They are the ones who actually get paid to work on WikiAnswers, and you must apply for a job at Answers Corp. and request to work with WikiAnswers.

How does WikiAnswers rank your contributions?

WikiAnswers ranks your contributions by how many questions, answers, edits and community work you contribute to the WikiAnswers community.

Why do you want to work for the Hyatt?

WikiAnswers doesn't want to work for the Hyatt. WikiAnswers also can't read your mind to see why YOU might want to work there. You'll have to give them an honest answer.

Does WikiAnswers work on an iPhone?

You can get to Wikianswers on a mobile, but it isn't mobile friendly so it isn't particularly ergonomic.

Who are the WikiAnswers editors?

WikiAnswers EditorsThis is a wiki. We are all authors and editors; we work as a team to reach a common goal.

Do you love me WikiAnswers?

WikiAnswers isn't a person capable of feelings or emotions. In fact, it isn't a person at all. It is contributors that work on the WikiAnswers website that give the answers to asked questions and not someone named WikiAnswers. So the obvious answer to that question would be no, WikiAnswers can not and does not love you.

Do WikiAnswers Supervisors get paid?

No, they are regular contributors who do this as a hobby. Community Assistants' (CA's) work in the WikiAnswers office and they do. It's their job.

What web browser is fastest for WikiAnswers?

Most of the browsers work good for WikiAnswers. Google Chrome is extremely fast and does not lag.

Do supervisors on WikiAnswers get paid?

If you enjoy giving back to the community with nothing in return, becoming a supervisor on WikiAnswers would be volunteer work perfect for you! Supervisors on WikiAnswers do not get paid with cash.

What part of the brain does the most work?

The part that desires WIKIANSWERS

Who is the most popular user on this site?

The people who work for wikianswers.

How does wikianswers work on a mobile device?

Web browser or app

Did WikiAnswers go to school?

WikiAnswers is a company, and companies do not go to school. However, the people who work for WikiAnswers did go to school, and many contributors that contribute here have been in school or are still in it.

What is 4 divided by 136 with work?


Do you get paid by WikiAnswers?

No, WikiAnswers does not employ us, therefore do not pay us. We work here as volunteers because we like to help out others, and not for payment.

Why does miley cryus msn not work?

Her Email is is ...milestogo_x@hotmail.comWikiAnswers

Does a WikiAnswers account work for Wikipedia?

No, it doesn't. They are two separate companies.