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How does a 15year old act flirty?

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2011-09-12 21:22:15

first drag him into a small confined spot (by the collor.) and

snog his face off. squish his bottom until he farts. your hand will

warm up and then lick the pooy smell of your hands. then push him

over and pull down your pants and sit on face and do i direery


And push him nail him down! and sex him then bite of his willy.

till he crys and twist his nipples. and get sissors and snick them

up him bum. and snip off him poo tube. and rip him in half. and

roll around in his body and zip yourself in him body and dance

around doing smelly farts and shout AMY !! and then come out his

body put everything back to normal kiss him on the lips and your

done. a job well done. NOW HE WILL LOVE YOU!!

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