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How does a 15year old act flirty?

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first drag him into a small confined spot (by the collor.) and snog his face off. squish his bottom until he farts. your hand will warm up and then lick the pooy smell of your hands. then push him over and pull down your pants and sit on face and do i direery fart.

And push him nail him down! and sex him then bite of his willy. till he crys and twist his nipples. and get sissors and snick them up him bum. and snip off him poo tube. and rip him in half. and roll around in his body and zip yourself in him body and dance around doing smelly farts and shout AMY !! and then come out his body put everything back to normal kiss him on the lips and your done. a job well done. NOW HE WILL LOVE YOU!!

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Is it wrong for a 15year old to date a 12year old?

No its not wrong to date a 15year old when your 12.As long as he knows your 12 and stilll loves you.You guys will be fine!:)

Can a 27year old date a 15year old in Mexico?

Absolute no!

How do you make a girl jealouse?

if your a guy you act all flirty with other girls, and if your a girl then you act all flirty with guys

Does a 15year old have to pay taxes?

This could be possible.

What is the average bra size for a 15year old girl?


Is there a 14-15year old dating site?

facebook ;)

How old do you have to be to get your motorcycle license in nsw?

15year and 9 months

How do you get boys to flit with you?

act flirty too ;)

How do you be flirty and a tomboy?

dress like a boy but still be a bit flirty just act boyish but sensitive

Is it normal for a 15year old boy to have a 5 inch penis?


Can a 17 year old get in trouble for getting his 15year old girlfried pregnant in England?


How go you get a guy?

Hang out with him and act all flirty ;)

Would chris martin go out with a 15year old?

No he is married to Gwyneth Paltrow.

Can a 15year old date a 12 year old?

Yes. it would be paedophilia if you were sixteen in this country anyway.

What are ways to know if a girl likes you?

she will flirt with you & act flirty

How do you turn an 18 year old boy on?

HA! the better question is how you turn them OFF! It's fairly easy, just act flirty

Is it legal in the state of Arizona for a 18 year old to have a baby with a 15year old?

That would be statutory rape, so no

Is it wrong for a 24year old to fall for a 15year old?

yer but you can be friends and kiss each other on the cheek nothing Else!

Can a 17year old get changed with anything if he got his 15year old girlfriend pregnant?

no but if he was 18 he could because he is no longer a minor

Does a 15year old boy can get married?

well, if you are wanting to get married at 15, not a very good idea.

15year old on a moterbike on private land but not asked if he could use the bike on the land?


How do you see yourself 5 from now?

honest<clever>loyal>handsome.....15year old charmmer

What rights do 15year old have?

They can go to flabburger and eat lots of fat unhealthy flabby burgers.

How do you turn on a thirteen year old?

1. Act funny and flirty 2. Be sporty and preppy 3. Be pretty ( no offense) 4. Take interests in what they like

Would 18year old go to jail for dating 15year old?

No you wouldn't, but if you want the relationship to get serious then ask your parents about it or discuss it.