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How come you don't gain weight yet you eat a lot?

your metabolism is very fast High metabolic rate, active person, - Your Lucky !

How do you gain weight for an underweight person?

You probably have a very high metabolism which makes it hard to gain weight. I would slowly start to rasie your calories are start a weight training program. Make sure you are eating quality foods, and not just going out to fast food everyday to gain.

What can one lose weight fast at a young age?

Eat a healtheir diet and be more active.

Why dont you gain weight you are 16 years old?

Usually because of either an active lifestyle or just a fast metabolism.

What is the weight and height for a high school wide receiver?

It depends on the person, but he always has to be fast on his feet, and he has to have fast reaction times.

How can you lose 40 pounds in a fast and easy way?

There is no fast or easy way. It will take at least twenty weeks to safely lose that much weight. And that means eating 7000 calories a week less than you need to maintain your weight. A typical person needs 2000 calories a day, though it could be a great deal more if you are active.

Is it safe to lose weight fast?

Yes, you can. However, I read that some of the "healthy foods" you're eating every day are making your fat cells sick, and making it impossible to lose weight very fast. What do you think about this? if you interested mail me at bhojanigopalgmailcom

Do you gain weight fast eating normally after being bulimic?

If being bulimic made you underweight, you should have a stronger than usual appetite and will quickly revert to what your regular weight would have been. After any weight-diminishing sickness, appetite picks up and one can gain weight at up to four times one's normal rate of growth.

Why Losing Weight Fast May Not Be the Best Choice?

There are many fad diets to lose weight fast. Rapid weight loss gives the dieter incentive to continue, but eventually the weight loss slows down because the body learns to adapt to fewer calories. After the initial weight loss, the dieter drops the diet out of frustration and gains the weight back. Fast weight loss can be done, but it does not fix the underlying problem. When combined with learning how to reduce calories properly, pick the proper foods, and become more active, fast weight loss can be an effective way to lose weight and learn how to maintain it.

What is the meaning of 'fast metabolism'?

"Fast metabolism" means your body is able to burn fat and nutrients faster than other people do. Hence, it is easier for a person with fast metabolism to lose weight than the average person.

What diet helps lose weight fast?

No one can tell you this as your idea of what losing weight fast may be different from another person. You can go to the pharmacy and see if they have any ideas that can help you in the form of supplements.

How can you lose weight fast and what are some exercises that can help you to lose weight fast?

Jogging/Running is very effective, you loose around 100 calories for 10mins. Start going to the gym and do cardio. All sports are great! Sign up for some sports and get active!

Where can a person get tips online for losing weight fast?

In the UK both NHS Direct and Weight Watchers offer good tips on how a person can lose weight quickly. One could also look at the Readers Digest online '50 tips to lose weight'.

What are some ways that a person can safely lose weight in a fast amount of time?

Some ways that a person can safely lose weight in a fast amount of time include a change in diet and increase daily exercise. Before going on any diet it is best to consult with a doctor.

How much weight can you gain from eating fast food?

It depends on the person. People's bodies react differently to different foods. One person might not gain any weight from eating fast food while another might gain a few pounds if they eat too much.

How can a poor diet affect sport?

It can cause you to become more and more overweight, affecting how fast you can run and limits your abilities to be physically active. Of course being physically active can allow you to lose this newly gained weight...

How do you gain weight fast with a fast metabolism?

If you have a fast metabolism, you can gain weight by frequently working out, and combining it with protein supplements.

What do underweight people eat?

Underweight people eat the same as normal people! The only difference is there fast metabolism. Eating disorders are a whole nother thing! SO DONT ASSUME A SKINNY GIRL IS ANOREXIC, CAUSE SHE IS PROBABLY NOT!

Does the Atkins diet really promote fast weight loss?

Yes, it does promote significant weight loss quickly. The downside is that in order to maintain the weight loss, a person must continue cutting carbs.

How many pounds can you lose in two weeks?

The amount of weight a person can lose in two weeks depends on many factors. The ability to eat right and exercise every day will affect how fast a person can lose weight.

How fast is an ox?

a ox is not that fast due to its weight.

How can you gain weight if you have a fast metabolism and are active?

You need a HIGH CALORIE DIET with low cardio. Use protein shakes and powders and eat VERY HIGH PROTEIN.

Are fast diets effective to losing weight?

Fast diets can be effective when losing weight. Some people rather get the weight off soon as possible. However losing weight fast maybe hard to maintain keeping the weight off. This is your ultimate goal.

How come you cant gain weight?

it depends on your activities, if you are an active person, it is most likely that you burn calories faster than any other people. some people also have fast metabolism that even how many they eat or how much they sleep they don't get fat. they are called lucky.

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