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How does a change in pH affect the usability of water?


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Once the PH goes either side of neutral, the water starts to pick up minerals. A little is ok, but too much makes the water undrinkable.

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No, ozone does not affect PH of water. However as ozone is a powerful oxidizer it can oxidize compounds in the water that may indirectly change the PH of the water.

Sand doesn't affect the pH of water.

It doesn't, water has a pH.

the amount of salinity and the temperature of the water around it.

It depend on the chemical composition of salt If it is acidic or basic it will change the pH. The common salt (NaCl) is neutral in nature so it doesn't change the pH

Circulating water in a standing water ecosystem can affect the ecosystem. This is because it can change the PH of the water killing the existing organisms.

no it will not change the pH of water.

ph of water is same if boiled understood

Any amount will affect. The more acid, the more the pH will change.

Yes, fertilizers affect the pH of water.

A base or alkali affects the pH water by increasing it.

The water pH will change when substances are added to water. If the pH is more than 7 it makes the water basic and if it is less than 7 the water is acidic.

Fertilizers contain nitrogen and phosphorus which can affect the pH of water ways. A pH of 7 is neutral. When water pH is raised above this, it can have harmful affects on the waterway, causing nutrient or water pollution.

Absorption of carbon dioxide increase the pH of water.

Modification of the water composition change the pH.

As acid rain is acidic in nature it will change the pH of lakes and rivers also which will affect the aquatic life in them

The pH measures the level of acidity or alkalinity. Of course they change the pH!

These molecules haven't an effect on pH.

Amonia will raise the Ph of water, it is a base compound.

distilled water is used (as opposed to tap water) as it does not contain ions or impurities that may affect the results of the titration, usually by reacting with the acid/alkali themselves or by changing the pH of the solution.As water is pH 7, it is neutral and will not change the pH.

i don't know that's why i asked you ... no, because pH paper only detects Acids and Alkali substances, water has a pH of 7 because it is neutral, but has no affect on pH paper :)

Ph tests the water to test the acidity and basicity.It shows if the water quality is poor or not

Pure water always has pH of 7. Different aqueous solutions may change the pH.

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