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How does a cold air intake effect gas millage?

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More fresh air mixed with the gas. Better performance.

2008-06-05 17:32:05
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How do you install a cold air intake on mustang?

By installing an cold air intake on a mustang

What does cold air intake systems different than a stock air intake on vehicles?

A cold air intake will increase your horse power

Is a cold air intake better then a regular air intake in a Honda B16 Engine?

Cold air intake is better because it's denser.

What is the function of the Cold Air Intake System?

A cold air intake regulates the amount of cold air coming into a car and ensures the air is properly filtered.

WHERE IS cold air intake?

A cold air intake is an aftermarket part used to help open air flow to the engine. The cold air intake sucks up cold air from underneath the car and is attached to your intake manifold. So it is a pipe going from somewhere close to the bottom of the engine compartment leading to your intake manifold.

Will you damage your engine if you remove its cold air intake?

You will not damage your engine if you remove its cold air intake. The cold air intake system is merely added to increase engine efficiency and performance.

What would be better a cold air intake or a ram air intake for a 1993 eagle talon es?

I would recommend putting a cold air intake in your es.

Can you have a cold air intake on an automatic eclipse?

Yes a cold air intake could be used in any car

Whats the cold air intake for?

A cold air intake brings air into the engine. It usually consists of a plastic tube with a air filter on the end.

Will a cold air exchange shorten the life of your motor?

If you mean cold air intake or cold air induction (CAI), the answer is no. A cold air intake system is simply a more free flowing air intake. The intake tubing is less restrictive, and often draws air in away from engine heat, hence the name cold air intake. This could be lower in the engine compartment by the fenderwall usually. A cold air intake will ultimately make the engine run slightly cooler. A cooler engine is less destructive to the various components. So CAI will not shorten the life of your engine when properly researched, installed and used.

What is the purpose of cold air intake on a car?

Cold air has more density than hot air.

Is there a cold air intake for a 92 camaro rs 3.1 liter?

The 1992 Camaro features a factory setting with a ram air built into it. This is the cold air intake.

How do you make a cold air intake on a 97 Plymouth neon?

You need to pipe the air intake into the fender.

How do you install a cold air intake on peugeot 205?

Almost any cold air intake system you buy will come with complete instructions for that unit.

Can you install a cold air intake and a short ram intake in the same car?

no, you only have one intake therefore you can only modify it one way. the short ram intake will most likely be a shorter edition of the cold air intake.

How does the Honda Civic cold air intake work?

The honda Civic cold air intake works in a very simple style. It takes in air and then uses the cold air to cool down the car for a more efficient ride.

What effect does cold air have on air pressure?

Cold air increases air pressure

Will a cold air intake system that fits a 99 Cherokee 4.0l fit a 99 Cherokee 2.5l thanks?

No they will not, you will need a cold air intake for your 2.5.

What is better short ram or cold air intake?

Depends on your uses. For performance the Cold air intake is way better but if you are on a budget then the short ram is not bad.

How much horsepower does a 2003 5.7 hemi have with a cold air intake?

The cold air intake may add 5-10 hp to the 335 it was built with.

Can you have a cold air intake and a supercharger attached to your car at the same time?

Yes you can all the cold air intake does is let it take in more air with less resistance it does not force the air in like the supercharger does

How do you make your own 1997 Kia Sephia cool air intake?

You need to buy a cold air intake for your car. It replaces the stock air intake.(the box your air filter is in!)

How much does an intake boost you in rsx?

It depends on the intake that you get. There are short ram air and cold air intakes. Cold air intakes are preferred amongst rsx enthusiasts because of the cold air that is being sucked into the motor. On average, about 3-14 HP can be obtained from an intake. The quality and type of intake is what makes the difference between a lot and a little HP.

Which is best to buy a cold air intake or air intake for Honda Civic EX 2003?

If there are a lot of deep puddles or it floods a lot, get a short ram intake since you can not use your cold air intake in those conditions (even with a air bypass valve). Alternately, you can get a K&N Typhoon intake that can convert between cold air and short ram lengths. If flooding is never a concern, or you don't mind constantly switching back and forth to get the most power in ideal conditions, then get a cold air.

Do you need to get a tuner for your mustang if you get a cold air intake?