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The same way you write any other story - plant your butt in a chair and get started!

With historical fiction, though, you want to be sure you do a lot of research on the period of history you're writing about - pick that era and start looking around the internet, the library, and even around your own neighborhood if you have anyone who lived through that period of history! Historical fiction readers are very picky about facts, and will stop reading your work if you have it wrong.

Here are some good links for you, too.

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Historical fiction includes imaginative details that add dramatic interest, but facts can be proved.

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Q: How does a fiction writer use facts and fiction in a historical story?
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What is it called when a story has facts but is written as fiction?

Historical Fiction

What is a type of fiction based on real se what is a type of fiction based on real facts?

Historical fiction is a type of fiction that is based on real facts and events from the past. It often blends fictional elements with actual historical context to create a story that is set in a specific time period or historical event.

What is the topic or subject of a fiction story?

Fiction is a story that isn't true (although it may have real places/some real facts hidden in it but the main plot is fictional). What the writer writes about is up to them.

Is a historical story a real story?

No. A historical story is a fictional story with facts about whatever your story is about.

The Difference between nonfiction book and historical ficition?

Historical fiction is fiction set in the past - that is a made up story that takes place in a historical time, but non-fiction is not fiction, it is factual, it is true information, not a story.

What do you call a story that is based on a true story?

Historical Fiction.

What sets Science Fiction apart from other styles of story telling?

Science fiction uses science as a basis -- when you write "SciFi," your scientific facts must be accurate or plausible based on today's scientific knowledge. The only other form of fiction which must have solid facts underneath the story is historical fiction, which must be accurate for a certain time period.

Is Island of the Blue Dolphins fiction?

Yes, it is historical fiction, but closely based off of a true story. Not much facts were specifically known about the real Indian girl, but the author built off of what was known to write his version of her story.

What makes a story historical fiction?

Historical Fiction is a story set in some time in history, such as The California Gold Rush or World War II. What makes it fiction is characters that are not real.

Sentence for the word fiction?

That story is fiction and contains no real facts.

Is historical fiction nonfiction or fiction?

Historical fiction is based on real events, but told in a fictional story.

Is historical fiction a writing style?

yes, you can write a story on history that is fiction