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How does a food vacuole form?

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It forms when the ends of two pseudopods join together.

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How does an ameba form a food vacuole?

through budding of the vacuole from the plasma membrane

How does sarcodine get food?

When the ends of two pseudopods fuse, they form a food vacuole. Food is broken down inside the food vacuole in the cytoplasm.

How does an amoebae take in food?

its false feet (pseudopods) encircles the food and the membrane in contact dissolves to form a food vacuole. then the food is ejested through the contractile vacuole.

What does the food vacuole do in a paramecium?

the food vacuole helps digest the parameciums food inside the food vacuole

What does a food vacuole in a paramecium do?

Food Vacuole

What is the organelle that converts food energy to a form that can be used by the cell?


How does a paramecium excrete?

Paramecium uses its cilia to collect food along with water into its mouth. From there the food enters the gullet and later breaks away to form a food vacuole. The food is digested and absorbed from the food vacuole and it constantly becomes smaller. Finally when the vacuole reaches the anal pore the undigested substances are excreted.

What contain stored food for cells or waste material form cells?

Vacuolecantain stored food for cells or wast material form cells.

What process does a paramecium use to make a food vacuole?

They use their food vacuole to produce their food.

What is a food vacuole?

A membrane-bound vacuole (as in an ameba) where ingested food is digested.

Function of food vacuole?

Vacuole store food, water, and sometimes waste.

What is the food vacuole?

The food vacuole is also called as digestive vacuole. It is an organelle that can be found in parasites. This is the organelle that causes malaria.

What stores food and or water in the cell?

The food vacuole stores food, and the water vacuole stores water.

Difference between food vacuole and contractile vacuole?


What is function of food vacuole in amoeba?

The food vacuole is formed by the outer membrane of the amoeba after phagocytosis, digestive enzymes then enter the food vacuole which digest the food that was recently taken in by pseudopods.

How does a amoeba use a food vacuole?

Enzymes move into the vacuole to digest food, and the digested food passes into the amoeba

How do amoebas digest food?

The amoeba surrounds the food with psuedopods and forms a food vacuole. This vacuole then digests the food with digestive enzymes.

What is the function of the vacuole in a cell?

The vacuole stores food in a cell.

Where is food stored in an amoeba?

the food is stored in the the vacuole in the amoeba where it is digested and the nutrients are absorbed and the waste product is excreted form the pseudopodia.

What object is like a vacuole?

An object that is like a vacuole would be a refrigerator. This is because it stores food for humans just like the vacuole stores food.

What do vacuole do in a cell?

It depends what kind of vacuole. A vacuole can store waste, food, and water. Also there is a food and contractile vacuole. A contractile vacuole is a cell structure in a cell that collects extra water and expels it from the cell. Hope this helped.

Does vacuole functions as lysosome in plants?

no it dosent a vacuole stores food while a lysosome digests food

What is the job of a vacuole?

The job of a vacuole in a cell is to store food and water,The vacole stores food and energy.

How do amoeba dispose of waste?

Amoeba dispose of their waste through the contractile vacuole. An amoeba's food is digested through the food vacuole, and released from the contractile vacuole.

What the purpose of a vacuole?

The purpose of a vacuole is to store water and food in a cell.