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How does a jellyfish know what they are doing with no brain?


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2010-02-20 22:57:27
2010-02-20 22:57:27

Essentially, we would presume that a jellyfish would not know or think about what it's doing. A jellyfish would go on its instincts. You have to remember that a jellyfish still has neurons, but it will not have a center of control of these neurons (which we call the brain). Thus, the jellyfish would not think to attack another fish and eat it, its neurons will simply react to the closeness of a fish and engage the jellyfish in this behaviour of killing and eating its pray. It is done pretty automatically.

However, I do not know if the jellyfish would be able to learn with no brain. It can adapt to the environment, but can we make it learn specific behaviours??

So basically jellyfish are like robots, they run on autopilot.


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A jellyfish is an invertebrate and as such, has no spine or bones. A jellyfish also has no brain.

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A jellyfish & a starfish A Jellyfish has no brain & no heart A starfish has no brain & no blood

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Usually the jellyfish stings a person when they accidentally get too close to it. The jellyfish sees them as a threat and tries to defend itself. They got no brain, so they can't even think what they are doing.Their sting is to protect themselves, and to stun food so they can eat it.They have no brain, so don't know a human from a goldfish. Humans just accidentally set off the jellyfishes' instinct to sting.Jellyfish will sting you if they feel threatened.

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A jellyfish does not have a brain.

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They filter in plankton in the same way that they move around.

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