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I have a vinyl liner pool and I was wathcing the bottom being prepared. 1) The bottom needs to be very smooth my builder used a hand trowel to do this. My liner is 22 mil thick and I do feel little bumps her and there. If it is not trowled smooth it will be very rough on your feet. 2) The corners where the wall and bottom meet need to be rounded so that dirt won't settle in. 3)A cement product called vermiculite ( Im not sure of the spelling) should be used. This has an absortion material mixed with it that helps pull moisture away from the vinyl so that it doesn't get mildew underneath.I believe this is about 2 to 4 inches thick.

If you are having a vinyl liner installed in the pool, then your pool is not being constructed properly.

Asking "how do i know if a vinyl liner pool is being constructed properly" is like asking "how do i know if the straw house being built on sand is being constructed properly."

A properly constructed pool needs no liner of any kind.

Todd you need to study about the types of pools that are installed that is installed!!!! Putting in a vinyl lined pool has nothing to do with the pool being constructed properly, it is the type of pool by choice, obviosly you didn't read the answer from Tim. There are FIBERGLASS, GUNITE and VINYL lined pools, that is if you want to consider FIBERGLASS and GUNITE as a liner . I have a vinyl pool which incorporates steel walls with the bottom being vermiculite. Of course if you want a mud hole then you wouldn't put in a liner.

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Q: How does a person know if the pool bottom has been constructed properly before the contractor installs the liner?
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