How does a transistor act as a oscillator?

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A: actually any active components will oscillate with positive feedback

A transistor can be used as an amplifier along with an LC tank circuit to form an oscillator; it is an active device (as LIBURNO states) which will amplify the feedback signal coming out of the LC tank circuit. The tank circuit has a natural resonant frequency, meaning the L and C together will try to generate a specific frequency; this is then fed back into the input of the transistor amplifier, and the output is fed to the LC tank circuit exacerbating this oscillation until it reaches its' maximum level.

An inverting amplifier can be used similarly; the output is fed to the input; this will cause the output to change as fast as the amplifier can. The frequency of this design is much harder to control, but potentially higher. Also, without the LC tank, the output voltage will remain lower.
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What is a transistor?

A transistor is an electronic component known as a semiconductor.The first practical transistor was invented in 1947 and became analternative to vacuum tubes (valves) and relays. Early transistorswere made with germanium but silicon is used almost universally insemiconductor manufacturing. A single ( Full Answer )

What are transistors?

Answer Transistors are semiconductor devices which can be used as switches (to turn on and off an electrical signal or current path) and also as a signal amplifier in a circuit. There are two broad types of transistors BJT (Bipolar Junction Transistor) and FET (Field Effect Transistors). - Neer ( Full Answer )

How does an oscillator work?

An oscillator works in different ways in different electronicequipment. For example, there is a quartz oscillator in a quartzwatch that can keep track of the time. A pendulum of a clock is anoscillator that goes back and forth using potential and kineticenergy.

What is an RC oscillator?

Answer . Oscillator that uses two passive elements for the timing. Namely resistor and capacitor. Answer . It's an oscillator whose frequency-determining "tank" does not contain an inductive element, like a coil. These are good for extremely low frequencies--down to a few Hertz--but LC oscillato ( Full Answer )

What is transistorized?

A device such as a radio can be said to be transistorized when earlier designs are replaced by designs in which transistors replace vacuum tubes.

What is a Colpitts oscillator?

A Colpitts oscillator is the electrical dual of a Hartley oscillator .. The Hartley oscillator is an L C electronic oscillator that derives its feedback from a tapped coil in parallel with a capacitor .. ( Full Answer )

When does a transistor act as a switch?

When we use a transistor as a switch, we will be operating it in either an "all on" or an "all off" mode. Depending on the transistor, we'll just apply some "maximum" base voltage to drive it into saturation and allow for maximum collector current, or we'll not apply any base voltage and the device ( Full Answer )

What is an oscillation?

An oscillation is a term we could use to refer to a single cycle of a cyclic or repeating motion. Let's just take one example (so we don't run it into the ground) and see how it applies. And we'll use that familiar pendulum clock.. The pendulum on a clock will be driven by a spring. We swing the pe ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of oscillator?

A circuit that produces an alternating output current of a certain frequency determined by the characteristics of the circuit components. Generally speaking however; An oscillator moves from its highest state, to its lowest state in quick succession, A pendulum can be considered an oscillator. ( Full Answer )

What is damped oscillation?

Oscillations (vibrations) are damped when they are changed by some action. For example, touching an oscillating (vibrating) tuning fork with your finger is said to be damping it. The oscillation (number of Hertz) of an electrical oscillator, such as a TV tuner, is changed by varying the settings of ( Full Answer )

Where are the oscillators on the harp?

I am not sure I completely understand your question. Each string is tuned to a wavelength that represents a sound wave, The strings are the oscillators. They move back and forth to create compressions and decompression within the air which your ear interprets as a sound. ~MECHASUN~

What is the harp's oscillator?

A vibrating string ... oscillates at a certain frequency, like middle A might be @ 440 Hz. Each and every note has its own unique frequency or vibration rate - this is how we are able to recognize which note is being played or heard.

What is does a transistor do?

It is basically an electronic "thing" that has three terminals. Lets say E (emitter), B (base) and C (collector). Lets say we connect C to positive of a battery and E to negative (or ground). As long as we keep some current at B , we'll have current flowing from C to E . Basically it ( Full Answer )

What are the disadvantages of oscillators?

The biggest disadvantages with oscillators are that they have to be stabilized with control heaters. If the oscillator is operated in a non temperature controlled environment it will drift off frequency and it is not good policy to transmit over a wider that necessary bandwidth. The frequency on eit ( Full Answer )

How do you design an RC phase shift oscillator using transistors?

TRANSISTOR PHASE SHIFT OSCILLATOR CIRCUIT DIAGRAM: THEORY: The Transistor Phase Shift Oscillator produces a sine wave of desired designed frequency. The RC combination will give a 60 ° phase shift totally three combination will give a 180 ° phase shift. . The BC107 ( Full Answer )

What is the purpose of an oscillator?

Oscillator- Another important circuit like an amplifier in electronics. It is the circuit which generates alternating voltage. For this, it requires direct current ( d.c. ) power supply. Purpose of an oscillator- Sinusoidal or non sinusoidal waveform of low or high frequency can be generated by ( Full Answer )

What is an audio oscillator?

\nAn electronic oscillator is an electronic circuit that produces a repetitive electronic signal, often a sine wave or a square wave.

What do oscillators do?

Oscillators produce a waveform (mostly sine or square waves) of desired amplitude and frequency. They can take input from the output itself. For a complete oscillator circuit we require a feedback device, amplifier and feedback factor.

How transistor act as a switch?

A: When a transistor is saturated current can flow in both direction qualifying it as a switch

Working of transistor as an oscillator?

A transistor is often referred to as an oscillator because of itsability to transfer resistance. it can also switch off and onrepeatedly, mimicking an oscillator.

What does a transistor do?

Depending on how the transistor is biased and various othercircuits connected to it, a transistor acts as an amplifier and/orswitch. When acting as an amplifier the circuit containing the transistorcan do things like transmit or receive radio signals, performanalog mathematical calculations, generat ( Full Answer )

What is the oscillator?

any circuit which is used to generate an ac voltage without an ac input signal is called an oscillator.

What is oscilator?

If you need to make a sound wave, you can use a tuning fork, an iron bar, or a bell. You give any of them some energy by hitting it with a hammer, and out comes a genuine sound wave, with a frequency, a wavelength, a period, and an amplitude. Or you can use a tightly stretched elastic substan ( Full Answer )

The transistor acts like a diode and?

Yes, the transistor acts like a diode. That is, essentially, what it does. What it also does, and what give it its added value and ability to amplify, is that the base current causes the collector-emitter "diode" junction to vary in its turn-on characteristic. With this ability, you can control a la ( Full Answer )

What is amplifier and oscillator?

amplifier is electronic circuit which is used to increase the amplitude of the input signal without affecting its frequency and phase.

What is torsional oscillation?

Torsional oscillation is the vibration on a motor shaft that is caused by harmonics in the motor.

How can transistors act as amplifiers?

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Why two diode join cant act as transistor?

No, it is not possible because in transistor the depletion layers formed in Emitter-Base Junction & Collector-Base Junction are penetrable by both current carriers but in this case of two diodes; the formed depletion region are not penetrable for current carriers (hole &electron). Also, a transistor ( Full Answer )

What are oscillator transducers?

A transducer (trans = across, duce = to lead) is a device that converts one form of energy into another. A microphone converts sound waves into electrical signals. Others would be accelerometers, loudspeakers. An oscillator on the other hand, generates a signal without there being an input signa ( Full Answer )

Where is the oscillator in Doctor Who?

Shield oscillators were mechanisms that protected spaceships frommagno-grabs. The Doctor's TARDIS had one, and the Eleventh Doctoronce disabled it in order to allow Clara Oswald to fly the TARDIS.Coincidentally, at that moment, the ship was attacked by amagno-grab, and the TARDIS was consequently de ( Full Answer )

What are the condition for oscillation?

A: Oscillation will occurs if there is positive feedback and/or phase feedback. 2nd Answer: According to my old electronics textbooks, you need a circuit, a frequency-determining device or system, and amplification. The "circuit" can be either an electronic circuit, or part electronic and part aco ( Full Answer )

What is light an oscillation of?

Light is an electromagnetic wave, that is, an oscillation of both the electric and the magnetic fields.

What does an oscillator do?

An oscillator, well, oscillates. It generates a continuous time-varying signal, usually a sinusoidal waveform, but it could be anything, such as a sawtooth, triangle, or pulse train. The harmonic oscillator works by having some kind of amplifier sitting in a feedback loop with a tuned circuit, of ( Full Answer )

What is torsion oscillation?

Torsion = turning Oscillation = repeated motion toraion oscillation is repeated turing back and forth. Imagine you have a weight hanging on the end of a piece of string. Twist the weight and, when released, it will oscillate torsionally.

Why transistor act as amplifier?

Amplification is the process of linearly increasing the amplitude of an electrical signal. - A transistor can act as an amplifier directly using the gain, b. - Keep in mind that when a transistor is biased in the active (linear) region, the BE junction has a low resistance due to forward bias and th ( Full Answer )

What is oscillation?

Oscillation is a noun that means "movement back and forth at regular speeds." In Physics, it means "regular variation in magnitude or position around a central point.

How transistor acts as a light switch?

All transistors are reactive to light. If you cut the top off of a regular PNP or NPN transistor and expose it to a sufficient amount of light, a current will conduct through any two of its leads. If you want to use it as a switch that turns on when it's night, you could attach the output to an inve ( Full Answer )

Why transistor acts as an amplifier?

In a transistor, a small current in the base-emitter circuit stimulates a significantly larger current in the collector-emitter circuit by breaking down the barrier in internal diode junctions. External resistor networks may be used to regulate these currents and produce larger voltages from smaller ( Full Answer )

How does an oscillator oscillate?

Oscillators generally consist of a capacitor and inductor wired in parallel. Current is passed back and forth between the two. The capacitor is charged via an amplifier which then discharges into the coil. When the current stops flowing, the field collapses in the coil, recharging the capacitor. ( Full Answer )

Why in oscillator triode is used instead of transistor?

I do not understand your question, oscillators CAN be built with either (and many other amplifying components). A few examples are: . triode tube . tetrode tube . pentode tube . beam power tube . pentagrid converter tube (cathode and first 2 grids form local oscillator) . magnetron tube . ( Full Answer )

Why a transistor acts as a switch?

Only because the circuit that its embeded in is designed that way. Remember, a transistor is basicly an amplifier ... only if you design everything to go to the extreams will it act asa switch.