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How does a turtles shell grow?

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no because it needs time to form

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How do turtles grow in their shell?

A turtle's shell grows as it grows.

Do turtles get out of the shell?

No, they are attached to their shell. It is part of their body. they grow the shell in the egg

Does the turtle grow with the shell?

yes turtles do grow with the shell because they are connected to the shell and it grows up to 12 inches

Do turtles grow out of its shell at certain ages?

No - the shell expands with the growth of the turtle.

Was a turtle shell once living?

A turtles shell is a part of its' body made out of bone. Turtles grow their own shells.

Does turtles die if their shell is cracked?

no, if a turtles shell cracks it is most likely to grow moss over the crack to heel. However if the shell brakes then yes it will die. Because turtles are attached to their shell, and it is part of its body.

Can sea turtles grow in their shells?

They are born in a shell but no they cant grow in one because sea turtles cant go back in their shells

Is cricket a good food for turtles to grow?

Yes Crickets Are good for turtles growth and cells in its shell

Do turtles change their shell?

No, With turtles the shell is part of the animal's bone structure and is alive. The platelets making up the shell grow with the animal and you can age the turtle by counting the rings making up the platelets.

How big does snaping turtles grow?

About a two-feet shell length, and about 175 pounds.

Do turtles have a bottom shell?

yes turtles do have a bottom shell

How do turtles get their shell?

millions of years ago you couldn't have recognized them because they had no shell because,they were in a safe they are not and so the shell starts to grow and now they are protected.

Can turtles switch shells?

Nope - the shell they're born with stays with them for life - expanding as they grow.

Do turtles shells grow?

Yes, it is a myth that turtle leave their shells and find new ones or can leave their shell at all. A turtles shell is actually a hard, bone covering over their ribs. A turtles shell will shed off each individual scute to reveal another one under neath.

Why do turtles have a shell?

Turtles have a shell To protect them from predators also have a shell because its their back bone But its on the outside of its body.

Why does terrapin has shell?

A terrapin has a shell because it is a turtle, of course. There are 4kinds of turtles: aquatic turtles, land turtles, terrapins, and sea turtles. All turtles have shells.

How do turtles mate with their shell?

They are born with their shell

What are star turtles?

Star Turtles are turtles with star like shell

Do turtles sleep completely inside their shell?

No, some turtles leave their head and tail out of the shell

Do turtles die without their shell?

Yes. For many turtles, the backbone is fused with the shell also there ribs are part if there shells that's why you should never tap a turtles shell.

What could cause a turtle's shell to peel?

Shell peeling is in most cases entirely natural as turtles grow; many aquatic turtles commonly kept in captivity shed entire scutes, others shed flakes and pieces.

What helps the turtle to get in their shell?

Turtles do not 'get into' their shells, they are born in their shells which are part of their bodies (they can not come off) and their shells grow with them.

How do turtles float?

Turtles are buoyant by their lungs or their shell

Do other turtles bite other turtles shell?

Sometimes but it is not intentional and the turtle will stop after it realises it is not food. this should not be a problem as the shells are hard unless they are soft shell turtles.(i do not know anything about soft shell turtles)

How do sea turtles shell stay on there back?

A sea turtles shell stays on its back because its attached