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An example of colonial protists?


What protists have flagella?

volvox and euglena

What disease is caused by volvox?

none that i know of volvox are kinda weird protists so....

Is volvox animal like protists or plant like protists?

Plant like protist

Do volvox benefit or harm the environment?

Protists exsimpl

How do volvox reproduce?

some genera of the green alga Volvox, which have that cell...... the graetly majority of animals, plants, fungi, and protists reproduce sexually

Is volvox a unicellular or a multicellular protist?

It's actually a colony of unicellular protists. Any multicellular protist in a volvox usually breaks off.

One genus of protists that obtains food through photosynthesis alone is known as?


How does volvox get its energy?

From light.they get their energy from light.

What color is a volvox?

Unlike most cells which are usually very clear and dont really have a color, volvox is a green shade; since, it is in the "green algae" group of the "protists".

Which protists surrounds and engulfs its food?

The protist amoeba does. I think this process is called exocytosis.

What are 2 examples of a protista?

An amoeba and a Volvox are two examples of protists. The amoeba is heterotrophic (does not make its own food), and the Volvox is autotrophic (makes its own food through photosynthesis).

What is the name for plant like protists?

Volvox and spirogyra --> Someone else wrote this, not the answer to your question. These are green algae, from phylum chlorophyta. Volvox are small, green circular algae, spirogyra, are long green strand-like algae. Plant like protsists and algae are similar. Now, all plant like protists are called: Protophyta. While animal like protists are Ptotozoa. (There are also fungus-like protists :) ).

How does a protist make its own food?

Many protists, such as green algae and volvox are photosynthetic and are considered the ancestors of modern plants.

What characteristics make protists either animal-like or plant-like?


Is volvox a producer?

Yes, the volvox cell is in fact a producer, it contains chloroplast's which gathers energy from the sun and produces food for the organism.

What is a volvox and how does it capture its food?

Volvoxis a genus of chlorophytes, a type of green algae. It forms spherical colonies of up to 50,000 cells.Volvoxmostly eat algea, but will also eatplants, and even apples!

What is an example of a protists?

Trypanosoma bruceiParameciumslime moldgiant kelpAmoebaZealotStalkerCollosusThere are Euglena,volvox, Amoebas, and Paramecium

Is volvox eukaryotic or prokaryotic?

Volvox is eukaryotic.

Scientific name for volvox?

Volvox aureus

Does a volvox have cytoplasm?

Volvox doesn't have cytoplasms

Is volvox eukaryote or prokaryote?

Volvox are eukaryotes.

What are medical uses of volvox?

uses of volvox

The Volvox Flagella?

It is what helps moves the volvox around.

Are volvox autotrophic or autotrophic or both?

The volvox is autotrophic.