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Consuming alcohol in moderation does not harm a growing body. If it did, most Jews, Italians, Greeks, Spaniards and Portuguese would be suffering the consequences.

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Does alcohol affect every system in the body?

Alcohol affects every cell in the body.

Does alcohol affect your body?


Does alcohol affect the body?


What system of your body does alcohol affect?

Alcohol affects not only every system in the body, but every cell in the body.

What does drinking alcohol do to your metabolism?

Alcohol has no affect on metabolism; metabolism breaks alcohol down in the body.

What is the first thing alcohal affects?

Alcohol can affect a few things. Alcohol can affect the mind, body and thinking.

What part of the body alcohol mainly affect?

alcohol mainly affects the stomach

Do alcohol affect the limbic portion?

Alcohol affects every cell in the body.

How does alcohol affect the body longterm?

Alcohol can cause several liver diseases.

Does the type of alcoholic beverage you consume affect the way the alcohol is absorbed in your body?

Does the type of alcoholic beverage you consume affect the way the alcohol is absorbed in your body

What system does alcohol affect?

Every body system.

Which muscle on the body does alcohol affect first?

The tongue.

Does alcohol affect every cell in the body?

they quit

Why does alcohol affect all parts of your body?

Because alcohol travels wherever the blood does.

How does alcohol abuse affect the body?

Any drug (like cigarette and Alcohol) are deadly dangerous for the human body. The whole body system is affected, because brain gets slow and lungs get destroyed. Alcohol directly affect the brain, which controls the whole body. In practical terms, alcohol upset the whole system, of the body.

How long does alcohol take to affect the body?

Generally, there is some affect within the hour.

Alcohol begins to affect you after it enters your body?

Within minutes

How alcohol affect the body?

It affects the lungs with lung cancer.

When does alcohol start to affect you after it enters your body?

Half hour

Can you mix alcohol and smoking?

yes as it will not affect your body but if you mixed alcohol with cannabis it could really harm you!!

How does body fat affect alcohol absorption?

Body fat does not absorb alcohol so the fatter a person is, the greater the concentration of alcohol in the blood, other things being equal.

What 3 parts of your body does alcohol affect?

The stomach,brain,and liver.

The amount of time for alcohol to affect the body?

10 - 20 minutes.

How does alcohol affect your health?

it can affect your liver if you drink loads of alcoholit damages your liver because your liver is your filter of substances being put into your body and alcohol has lots and lots of bad substances in it and it tears up your body....drink more h2o

How can alcohol mixed with caffeine adversely affect your body?

Mixing caffeine with alcohol fools you into thinking that you are not as drunk as you really are. That can easily affect your whole body -- permanently.See the link below for recent research.

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