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There are not laws that prevent a citizen from marrying a foreign national who is unlawfully present in the U.S. It is unlikely that an undocumented immigrant would have the identification required by state law, such as a SS#. Be that as it may, the citizen spouse would not be able to file an application for the non-citizen spouse's permanent resident status, because he was in the country illegally. The non-citizen spouse must return to Mexico and the required USCIS laws must be followed before he can legally reenter the U.S. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services,

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Q: How does an American marry an illegal Mexican in Florida?
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I am Mexican illegal can you marry an American citizen?

sure whynot

If you marry an illegal Mexican in Mexico how can he become a permanent US citizen?

If I Marry An Illegal From Mexico Can He Become A Citizen

How much does it cost to marry an illegal Mexican?

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Can a US citizen marry an illegal Mexican who still married of her illegal Mexican husband?

From what I understand, you can't marry anyone who is already married (unless they divorce their current partner or become a widow)

Can Mexican men marry multiple wives?

No. Polygamy is illegal in Mexico.

Can you marry an illegal alien in America?

Yes, an American citizen can marry an illegal alien in America. The illegal alien can file for a Visa after marrying an American at the INS office.

Can an American citizen marry a Mexican national in the American consulate in Mexico?

Not really.

Can you marry a illegal immigrant from Bulgaria?

Yes, an illegal immigrant from Bulgaria can get married in the United States. An American can choose to marry whomever they want.

Can a American woman marry a Mexican man in Mexico?

yes, if their in america

How many Mexican men marry black women?

hardly any....I am white and I would marry a black women. I am a black woman married to a Mexican American man.

You are a illegal inmigrant your boyfriend and you are getting you both live in Florida but want to get marry in las Vegas and do all the inmigration papers in Florida Is it a risk to do that you mean?

What state you marry in will have no bearing on his immigration case.

How does an illegal Mexican change his status?

marry a citizen, or leave and try to enter the country via the proper channels.

Can an illegal immigrant marry an American citizen in the state of Colorado?

Yes, a person can marry an illegal immigrant, but that doesnt mean that it will lead to the immigrant getting legal status.

If you marry an illegal immigrant from Mexico do they have to return to Mexico for 10 years?

i am American, i was born in America, as was my son, and my husband is mexican. .. he has been banned for 5 years, it is different with each case & each judge

Can an American citizen get married to a Mexican citizen in Mexico?

I want to marry a girl America

Does a Mexican man need to devorse a Mexican women to marry an American women?

Unless he wants to be prosecuted for polygamy, yes, he should.

Is a marriage in Florida legal if you marry before a divorce was final am i legally married now?

Yes , but it was illegal for that amount of time, polygoms is illegal in USA

Can American inmate marry a non US citizen?

Yes! A USA. citizen can marry an undocumented citizen or illegal alien.

What happens if you marry a Mexican in Mexico?

You are married, with certain rights such as common assets and that's it. Neither he/she becomes American, nor you become Mexican.

Can a catholic Mexican man marry a divorced American woman?

No, unless her marriage was annulled by the church

How do you marry an illegal immigrant in North Carolina?

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Is it illegal to marry your third cousin?

No it is not illegal to marry a third cousin.

What if you marry a Mexican and stay in Mexico?

You will be an illegal alien while in Mexico. You would have to clarify your legal status before the Mexican Instituto Nacional de Migracion (National Migration Institute).

Can American Ex Con Marry an Illegal Mexican for Citizenship?

when you have served time in prison and have successfully completed all probation and classes been completely finished for the past 4 years are you allowed to leave you country to visit someone in another country and marry from another country from Jamaica

If you marry a Mexican citizen in Mexico are you still an American citizen?

You never loss you citizenship, unless certain acts of war (treason, defection) are committed. No, if you marry to a Mexican in Mexico, you don't loss you citizenship. You should note, however, that he/she is not granted American citizenship automatically.