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Q: How does an auto-stick transmission work in a car?
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Does the Chrysler 300 8 speed transmission have autostick?


Can you do an autostick conversion on an 01 dodge neon SE and if so what car is best to yank the parts from?

You could. You need the usual 4-speed-automatic-Transmission, the Autostickshifter AND the Autostick-Cluster. Without that cluster it won´t work (at least on a NGC - >2003). Were to get that things ? Good question - these parts are absolutely rare. Look at germany or UK for them. Also see for more details :-)

Does the dodge charger come in a stick shift?

Nope, only a 5 speed Autostick automatic transmission.

Is a VW 1969 beetle manual or automatic?

You have to shift gears in all of them, so you'd call them "manual," but in 1969 you could get an "autostick" transmission that had an automatic clutch connected to a manual transmission.

How many gears does a 1971 VW super beetle have?

A Super Beetle with a manual transmission has four forward gears and one reverse. A Super Beetle with an Autostick transmission has three forward and one reverse.

What is Autostick on the 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan ES?

Autostick is a feature which allows the driver to shift gears on the fly much as in a manual (stickshift) car only with no clutch. The gears are changed simply by tapping or nudging the drive selection "stick" up or down.

Can a manual transmission be replaced by an automatic transmission?

Yes. Will it be cheap? Probably not, unless your car is really old. Transmission and engine work are probably the most expensive modifications you can make to a car.

Will a transmission off a 1993 Lincoln Town Car fit on a 1990 Lincoln Town Car?

No it will not work. the transmission in the 1993 is electronically controlled and the 1990 doesn't have the wiring or modules to control it. the transmission from a 1991 would work but would require modifying or swapping shifter linkage at transmission.

How many vacuum lines does a 1973 1600cc vw engine have?

It depends on which distributor and transmission you have. The stock distributor has one vacuum line going to it. An autostick transmission has one line. If you have a manual transmission and a Bosch 009 distributor like most people do, you have no vacuum lines.

Autostick transmission on chrysler 300 m not shifting why?

If it stays in second all the time, the tcm has detected a malfunction and set a code. If it will not move at all, the fluid could be low.

What would be the advantages of having a car with an automatic transmission over a car with a manual transmission?

A car with an automatic transmission allows you to do less work while you drive. The car does all of the gear changing for you so you just have to concentrate on accelerating and steering. There is also less damage done to the transmission as human error is removed and it is run by a computer.

Where to ground car battery Frame of Car Transmission or Engine which is better or worse?

Any of your examples will work the same.

What automatic gearbox will fit in a classic vw beetle?

The "automatic gearbox" Volkswagen used to put in Beetles is an "autostick" transmission. It has a three-speed manual transmission connected to a vacuum-operated clutch and a torque converter. There's no clutch pedal but you still have to shift it.

Will the transmission from a 1999 Bravada work in a 2000 Bravada?

If you put your car info into: It will list related models that fit your car.

How can you put transmission in a sentence?

" My transmission to my car broke, and I missed the party." " I need to get my transmission fixed on my car." " My favourite word is transmission." " My dad's favorite word is transmission." " When will you get that transmission on your car fixed?" " How do you put transmission in a sentence?" Dude, I think you got it..

What transmission did the first car have?

it had no transmission

Will a transmission from a 1985 2 wheel drive car work in a 1983 4x4 pickup?

I am stuiped

What happens when you buy a car that's promised to work properly and find out it needs a new transmission?

If you bought it "as is" and with no warranty you are out of luck. You will be buying a new transmission.

How do vacuum hoses hook up on a 1973 Super Beetle?

Depending on your carb, distributor and transmission, you have from zero to two vacuum hoses. If you have an Autostick transmission, there's a vacuum hose running from a port in the intake manifold to the control valve on the left side wall of the engine bay. (Hint: if you've got a car that came with Autostick and that someone's converted to manual transmission, the bracket for the control valve is the perfect place for your coil.) Most people don't have this transmission even if their car came with it--it's only a three-speed and it's hard to find parts for it, so most of those cars have been converted to manual transmission. The other hose you might have is for your distributor. The port is on the left side of the carb, and a hose runs between it and the metal vacuum advance can on the side of the distributor. If you have a 009 distributor or an aftermarket distributor like an MSD you don't have the vacuum advance can; if you have an aftermarket carb like a Weber you don't have the port. probably don't have any vacuum lines on your engine.

How to change a transmission in an 01 Mitsubishi galant?

In order change a transmission in a 2001 Mitsubishi Galant, it is best to change the solenoid first. it is then recommended that you take the car to a certified transmission garage to do the work.

When was the first automatic transmission for the vw bug?

1967 was the first year for the AutoStick. Really a manual transmission with an electrically operated clutch, it also had a torque convertor so it could stopped in gear. Works great when everything is in tip top shape, VW stopped using it in 1976.

When parking uphill in a car with a manual transmission you should park with the transmission in what?

When parking uphill in a car with a manual transmission you should park with the transmission in what?

Would having a leak in the transmission pan big leak stop the car from driving if all trans fluid was gone?

The transmission will not work without fluid.

How can you tell if your transmission is blown or leaking?

If your car won't move, your transmission is blown. If there is transmission oil underneath your car, you have a leak.

How do you do a transmission flush on a car?

To do a transmission flush, first read the manual to your car. You will find out when you will need to do a transmission flush and how to do a flush.