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Q: How does archaeology contribute to Zimbabwe pre colonial history?
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What jobs do you have to do history for?

Archaeology and a history teacher

Compare and contrast archaeology and ethinography as sources of history?

Compare and contrast archaeology and ethinography as sources of history?

How does history and archaeology work together?

History is the study of the past Archaeology is people who study artifacts to learn about the past

What is the history of archaeology?

Archaeology is the study of the past based on material remains. In the past, meaning history. So the history in archaeology is about studying ancient bones, rubbish, house remains, weapons, and other things.

What did archaeology do?

Plenty. To discover the buried history. They uncover history.

What are the difference between history and archaeology?

The difference between history and archaeology is that history is the study of the past based on WRITTEN SOURCES (books, etc) and archaeology is the study of the past based on MATERIAL REMAINS (houses, bones, etc).

What has the author Donald L Hardesty written?

Donald L. Hardesty has written: 'Ecological anthropology' -- subject(s): Anthropology, Human ecology 'Mining archaeology in the American West' -- subject(s): Frontier and pioneer life, Mines and mineral resources, Social archaeology, Antiquities, Industrial archaeology, Archaeology and history, Mining engineering, History 'The Pony Express in central Nevada' -- subject(s): Pony express, Excavations (Archaeology), Antiquities, Nevada 'The pony express in central Nevada' -- subject(s): Pony express, Excavations (Archaeology), Postal service, History, Antiquities 'The archaeology of mining and miners' -- subject(s): Mines and mineral resources, Archaeology and history, Antiquities, Industrial archaeology 'Assessing site significance' -- subject(s): Methodology, Management, Historic sites, Archaeology and history, Excavations (Archaeology), Antiquities, Archaeology 'History and archaeology of the Luchetti Ranch, Sparks, Nevada' -- subject(s): History 'The archaeology of the Donner Party' -- subject(s): Antiquities, Donner Party, Excavations (Archaeology), Overland journeys to the Pacific

What careers involve history and traveling?

Archaeology :)

How are the fields of history and archaeology similar?


What has the author Roseanne Schot written?

Roseanne Schot has written: 'Landscapes of cult and kingship' -- subject(s): Kings and rulers, Archaeology and history, Excavations (Archaeology), Landscape archaeology, Antiquities, History

What has the author Paul R Mullins written?

Paul R. Mullins has written: 'The archaeology of consumer culture' -- subject(s): Material culture, Consumption (Economics), Archaeology and history, History, Social archaeology, Materialism

What has the author Timothy Insoll written?

Timothy Insoll has written: 'ILL - Archaeology, ritual, religion' 'Islam, archaeology, and history' -- subject(s): Religion, History, Islam, Excavations (Archaeology), Antiquities, Islamic antiquities

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