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I have had Asthma since I was a kid. at 36 I was diagnosed with copd chronic obstructive pulmonary disease one of the major components of this was bronchial asthma and asthmatic bronchitis. as for affecting your emotional and social parts, my emotional part took me 2 yrs to realize my life would never be the same. and social I can't go anywhere or do anything that I don't have to watch. a cold can send me to the emergency room. my asthma has basically made me control my own environment. I'm allergic to so much that sets it off is unreal. depending on how bad the asthma is and if you have Allergies that go with it my best suggestion would be to find the triggers and avoid them and above all consult your Doctor.

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Q: How does asthma affect your physical emotional intellectual and social needs?
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How does asthma affect your intellectual needs?

Asthma causes a shortage of oxygen in the body. This can affect your intellectual needs by making it harder for your brain to get the amount of oxygen it needs to function properly. It can cause you to struggle to think clearly.

How does asthma affect spiritually?

It does not. Spiritually is independent of any physical impediment or manifestation.

How does physical activity affect the amounts of oxygen you need?

Physical Activity does affect on how much oxygen you need. The reason, for that is because you don't wont to over do it and go at it with all the work for example, if you have Asthma you don't wont to over do it because people with Asthma does not have alot of Oxygen. In Conclusion, that is why I think that physical activities affects on how much oxygen you have.

If you have asthma does it affect how you taste and smell food?

Having Asthma doesn't affect your sense of smell and taste

Does cockroaches affect people with asthma?

Don't listen to the earlier statement. Yes they affect people with Asthma, the feces produced by them can often worsen an asthma situation.

How does asthma affect the quality of life?

Asthma has an effect on the quality of life in different ways. Those who suffer with asthma spend more time off from work or school than those that do not suffer with the disease. In general, asthma can have a negative effect on a personâ??s physical, psychological, and social health.

How does asthma affect pulmonary ventilation?

how does asthma effect pulmonary ventilation

Can smog and asthma have an affect on asthma?

Smog is nothing but smoke in the air...and dust and smoke increases asthma.

Is there any way of knowing whether or not asthma will affect you if it appears to have gone away?

If your asthma has gone away then it shouldn't affect you.

Does asthma affect ones health?

Yes. People have died from asthma. Do what you can do to avoid it.

Do cats affect asthma?

For people with allergies and asthma, cats can make it worse.

What hamster does not affect allergies or asthma?

If I remember hamsters don't get asthma or allergy..

What systems does a asthma attack affect?

An asthma attack affects the respiratory system.

How do cats affect asthma?

they can exasterbate it

Where does asthma affect your body?

Your lungs...

How does asthma affect the skin?

it doesn't

Coping with the Social and Emotional Effects of Asthma?

Asthma is a chronic condition that occurs when the breathing tubes become blocked. There are various classifications of asthma, but one factor remains consistent: asthma caries severe side effects that can interfere with having a normal lifestyle. During an asthma attack, there is pain, tightness and discomfort in the chest. These attacks can occur at any time and may be worsened when exposed to certain allergens or physical activity. Sometimes trips to the hospital are necessary. Fortunately, modern medicine has come a long way, and many people are able to control their symptoms and prevent flare-ups.General Effects of AsthmaWhen considering what the typical effects of asthma are, it's not uncommon to consider physical symptoms only. After all, asthma attacks can be painful, uncomfortable and put unnecessary strain on the body. When the airways become tightened, coughing, shortness of breath and wheezing can occur. But there are other effects of asthma to consider than just physical ones. Asthma carries many emotional and social effects that people often fail to realize. Even though there are many medications out there to reduce swelling and inflammation and control everyday allergy symptoms, people with asthma live in fear of what's to come. These feelings are closely related to how severe the asthma is, the person's individual coping skills and the available support.Dealing with the Social and Emotional Effects of AsthmaMore specifically, the emotional and social effects of asthma include fear, anxiety, hypervigilance and denial. Often times, people spend their time worrying about when their next flare-up will occur and anticipating the worst. It's not uncommon for people with asthma to have a fear of dying as well. Fortunately, there are effective ways to help people cope with the effects of asthma. Having a maintenance and treatment plan in place is critical and helps people feel like they have some control over their condition. Relaxation and meditation techniques, a strong support network and an acceptance of the condition are all ways to help relieve the burden of the physical, emotional and social effects of asthma.

Do cats cause asthma?

I am not 100% sure but if you have asthma then some people might get affect by it.

Is it bad touching cats if you have asthma?

Not necessarily. But it could affect some people with asthma.

What organ system does asthma affect?

The lungs.

How does asthma affect your breathing?

it blocks your airways

Which body systems does asthma affect?


What organ does bronchial asthma affect?


Does asthma affect lung capacity?


What system in the body does the disease asthma affect?

Asthma affects the tracheo-brochial tree of the pulmonary system.