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How does blonde hair react to copper in pool water?

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It Turns Green. Its not the chlorine, it av=ctually hard metals such as copper

2006-10-11 20:09:20
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Does chlorine copper and water make blonde hair turn green?

It isn't the chlorine. Copper in the water is absorbed by the hair, when the hair is washed; the copper oxidizes & turns green

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Why does blonde hair to turn red in hard water?

The water in your area has high iron deposits, and you weakened your hair by using a chemical. Blonde highlighting is susceptable to primary salts in water because of the bleaching process. Try using a water filter for hair washing.

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when highlights become green it is usually caused by alot of chlorine in your water!its also caused by metallic salts in the water!you could bring a bottle of water to a garden centre and they can test it for you!

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Can you dye blonde hair Auburn

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What are the causes of blonde hair having a green tint?

Hard metals in the water.