How does cancer occur?

cancer occurs when your cells start growing to fast. It's not that they really grow too fast. That's the later stage where masticism occurs. Cancer is a virus. You got something, whether inherited or picked up. It grows like a weed, yes, till it is excised or one goes into remission. Or, you let it grow and it kills you once it hits the lymph nodes in your neck, underarms, legs and elsewhere in very specific parts of the body.

A virus is like a cold. No one knows where it came from or where it's going. In cancer it can dominate. One goes through stages with a cold just as cancer. The cold we get over. The cancer needs to be attended and excised. Human bodies can only answer so many kinds of insult to the immune system. Needless to say, a cold is easy, but every bit the same kind of virus. Colds are weaker virus.

Cancer tells the immune system "There is nothing wrong." Immune system reads it that way. No protective agent is sent out from the blood cells to combat said cancer even if the antidote is in our bodies! White blood cells are duped. Defense mechanism isn't told about the situation. No alarm, no foul. The virus from cancer starts growing inside, changing one's DNA. Nothing lost till motor skills, skin lesions and other horrors appear or are felt. This is usually just before masticism. Get checked! Get cancer virus before it grows inward! Could save your life, friend. If lymph nodes and DNA are compromised outcomes become poor. If you think it, get it checked.

Virus may be inherited or caught. I've had it twice.