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How does closed captioning work?

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Closed captioning is a digital signal included with the main TV signal that a closed captioning decoder decodes, turning that into letters and displaying it on your screen. Many TV's have closed captioning decoders built in.

If you're ever watching TV and at the top you see some little white lines, some short, some longer, that's actually the closed captioning signal you're seeing on your screen. Most TV's don't display it because of what they call, `overscan` but on some older TV's when the TV ages, it'll become apparent.

If I remember correctly, closed captioning is included on line 18 of the video signal.
Closed captioning is a text version of a television show that can be read on screen.

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If a black box is blocking the picture on your television closed captioning may be enabled?

If a black box is blocking the picture on your television, closed captioning may be enabled

How do you turn off closed captioning on Directv?

That's a setting on your TV. You'll have to go into your TV's menu and find the setting for closed-captioning and turn it off there.

What does cc mean at the movie theatres?

Closed captioning

What is the french word for closed captioning?

le sous-titrage

How do you get closed captioning of a samsung TV?

it have colsed caption now i can get it

What are the words in a movie for deaf people?

Subtitles or Closed Captioning.

When was closed captioning added to broadcast television in the US?

In the earle1980s.

How do deaf people watch tv?

We used closed captioning or subtitles.

Sony tv kdl-46xbr6 and closed captioning - How do you enable the closed captioning on this model?

Please press CC button on the remote control. U can do the same from Menu button as well.

Why are closed captions not available for on-line videos?

Some videos are not required to have closed captioning, for example, home and family videos. YouTube does have automatic captioning now and video uploaders can also add their own.

What movie theaters have closed captioning?

Its a movie theater, it's not meant to have close captions

Can disabled people watch television?

The people that can hear (or read closed captioning) and see can.

Where can you watch The Simpsons with texts?

If by "texts" you mean Closed Captioning, you simply have to turn that feature on with your TV.

Why is closed captioning important?

It is important because text can be displayed and people of different language can read.

How do you turn off closed captioning on your sony tv?

First, click the home(or menu) button, then move left until you see that it says settings and then go down until you see CC or Closed Captioning. You will see that it says CC on/off. Choose off.

Are there any LCD, HD or plasma t.v.s that are specifically designed to assist those who are hearing impaired?

All modern tv's come with closed captioning and you could use wireless headphones with a little work.

What movies have closed captions?

Closed captioning is a service provided by the TV station and DVD producer. Each DVD is different so check the case before buying a movie.

How do you get closed captioning on your computer?

Closed captioning is a subtitle service using text imbedded into a television broadcast. It is a requirement for all American broadcasters to provide the service. With video content stored as files on computers there is less regulation. Although some file formats can carry closed caption data, many do not. Once the data is removed from a video file, it cannot be recovered so it is unlikely that it will be available on Internet based video. If the computer has a television tuner or cable receiver, then the receiver should be able to decode the data and display it but it depends on the receiver as well as the content being received. There are moves to mandate Internet broadcasters to include closed captioning data for content that is comparable to broadcast television. A hearing in congress is scheduled for June 2010 that may bring Internet closed captioning one step closer but no firm plans are in place as yet for its introduction.

Why would a black box be blocking the picture on your television closed captioning may be enabled?

This is because black colour is opic and does not reflect

How do you get closed captioning on your TV?

Either your TV has the closed captioning feature, or it doesn't. Most TVs do. The option can be found under the menu on your TV, usually easily accessed using the remote. If it isn't under the menu, check the remote for a captions button. If it's not in either of these places, your TV probably does not support this feature. Good luck!

How do you set closed captioning on a rca universal remote for a sharp tv 27j-s100?

I need to find out how to get closed caption on a orion tv with a rca universal remote can anyone help

When was National Captioning Institute created?

National Captioning Institute was created in 1979.

Did sam say oh on the iquit icarly episode right after her and sam were pulled into the window?

The closed captioning says Sam said, "No Chiz".

Can you get teletext on new digital or HD Flatscreen tv's?

In the US it's called captioning and it is required that all sets with screens over a certain size have this feature built in. Go into your VIDEO MENU and look for CLOSED CAPTION or just CC. You have to be watching a program that has captioning on it.

What are the different numbers for closed captioning For instance CC1 CC2 and etc?

I'm pretty sure it refers to different positions the text will appear on the screen.