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How does digital technology affect work?


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See the following: Both of these links will provide an overview of how digital technology affects work. As a lecturer in digital technology namely multimedia, almost all aspects of work these days are affected by technology. What with emails, sms, voip and similar, how does anyone ever get the chance to work without some form of technology? Unless you are a Bretheran or Amish you now exist in the digital world.


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If it is digital, yes it is technology.

Holographic technology employs light and three-dimensional space to store digital information

Enterprise whose platform is digital technology, they use and sell digital technology.

Digital technology is preferred to analogue technology because digital data can be endlessly copied, edited and transferred without any loss to the quality.

because the day had went by.

Digital technology is not corrupted by noise, digital signal typically uses less bandwidth, digital signals can be encrypted,and they are less costly, easier to use, and easier to manipulate.

Digital technology and the satellite technology.

Digital arts give society a chance to choose between new kinds of arts related to visual expressions which use ancient and new techniques. Digital arts also require training to gain new skills and knowledge. Digital technology has allowed artists to spend less time on the actual execution of the work and more time on creating and developing new ideas for artwork. There are new materials to work with which can cause problems when choosing which materials to use. Digital technology brings challenges for presenting new and original ideas while not overwhelming the artist.

technology will help in keeping the informartion stored and reminds without missing.

It may or may not, certain jobs MUST be done at the worksite and cannot be done remotely via a digital device!

Digital technology is the design and construction of technological devices and services that transmit information in digital form. It mainly involves the use of computers.

digital media is any technology that gives a sence of enjoyment

CDs are created and utilize digital technology.

This is why computer technology is considered digital:Computers work in a concept called binary. This means they store information as either a 1 (ON) or a 0 (OFF). No matter what you type in your PC, it will be stored as a 0 or a 1.Even this paragraph will be stored in binary, like 11001110, etc.Your hard disk, USB stick and all other electronic devices use binary to store information.All digital devices work like this, and so computers are counted as digital devices.

In analog technology, a wave is recorded or used in its original form. For example, when a wave from a microphone is laid directly onto a tape. In digital technology, the analog wave is sampled and converted into numbers that are stored on a digital device. A CD would be an example of digital technology as it stores 44,000 numbers for each second of music.

It created a divide between those who could afford the new technology and those who could not.

Memory cards are based on digital technology.

Digital technology refers to a process of storing, transmitting, and processing of information through the use of binary pulses. As much as there are so many merits regarding digital technology, there are several setbacks to it. Digital technology is expensive. Electronic transmissions from analogue to digital signals requires a large bandwidth and appropriate electronic signals. This infers a cost to users especially in third world countries where electricity costs a lot. In addition to the above, digital technology uses a lot of power because it takes analogue signals and transmits them to digital binary codes using the Analogue-Digital Converter. In case of storage medium crashes, digital technology can cause large amounts of data loss. This can be fatal to organisations and businesses. Digital technology keeps evolving from year to year, thence it is difficult to customise to it. This leaves a lot to be desired for end users who have limited access to internet and the world wide web. Using digital technology requires skills and knowledge to adequately deliver prompt services and products. These kind of skills are inadequate in the business world today which leaves a loophole int he digital world. Digital technology also requires high bandwidth to transmit binary codes from one point to another. This is not provisional in third wolrd countries since dial-up modems are widely in use. System errors easily affect digitization which makes it fragile to attacks and intrusion. This also leaves a gap in the security factor of the digital technology.

Yes. Your TV band radio will no longer work. You would need to have a radio with a tuner capable of picking up the new digital TV format. I don't know of any such product currently on the market. Digital radio (marketed under the name HD Radio) is a completely different technology.

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The basic technology for any digital technology was the silicon chip that allowed dense storage of digital data streams.

Basically, if it's digital, it's electrical.

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