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How does email to mobile device messaging work?

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βˆ™ 2011-09-12 21:41:34

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log on to the internet from your phone and put in the number u would like to message and message them that's all

2011-09-12 21:41:34
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Q: How does email to mobile device messaging work?
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Why does messaging on my samsung galaxy not work Is it because I didn't add an account I think I did?

Messaging on your Samsung Galaxy is not working because of the issues that you are having with the messaging app. Kindly restart your device.

Why does yahoo's mobile device not work?

There are several reasons why Yahoo's mobile device does not work. This may be due to lack of signal or improper configuration of the settings among other things.

How does wikianswers work on a mobile device?

Web browser or app

How does a reverse email workup system work?

You can find information about finding someone's email address at the following or

How does the internet work on a pocket surfer?

It uses GPRS Technolidgy which uses a proxy server like most mobile phone but unlike mobile phones Datawinds server does all the work not the mobile device

How do you set up email for E63?

To setup email: On the home screen, go down to setup email and select it. Then select 'start e-mail setup'. then press start. Then 'yes'. Then put your existing email address and password. Then it should be done. But if it doesn't work (which was what happened to me), then go to Menu > Communic. > Messaging > New message > Email. then define email settings and it should work. But if it doesn't, contact your service provider.

How do you work a webcam when you are instant messaging somebody?


Can I buy a fax machine with a phone that will determine if it's a call or fax and can then transfer unanswered calls?

Why not go for online fax service instead. The service is configured to work with your preset answering rules and send confirmations into your email or mobile communication device.

How do Reminders work in Gmail?

Reminders usually send a notification to any device with your email account connected. If not, you usually just get a "bing" going off when you receive an email.

Will a boost mobile sim card work on the 2g iPhone?

No it will not work. Boost uses an iDEN network which is not compatible with GSM in the least, whether the device is unlocked or not.

What email providers work the best with Verizon cellular phones?

Yahoo and Google work best with Verizon cellular phones. They have a user-friendly mobile interface.

Is an aim account an email account?

no, aim stands for AOL INSTANT MESSAGING which is an "im" or instant messaging where you can send messages instantly and chat with people online so basically no aim is not an email account. However if you are looking for good site for email i would definatley recommend gmail email from Google. hope i could help! THIS IS NOT ACCURATE login to with your aim account, aim has been an email AND im source for at least a decade. if your aim address is testuser (at) aim, then your username is -- login with that, aol emails probably also work

How communication device work?


If a device does not work after the OS upgrade what can you do?

If the device does not work then you will have to update the firmware on the device

How does an output device work?

how does input device work

Will OTA Rootkeeper work with my T-Mobile Galaxy s3 updating to 4.4 kitkat I have deleted some preinstalled apps just wondering if it will work and oh ya my device has been unbricked using ODIN?

No, OTA Rootkeeper will not work with your T-Mobile Galaxy s3.

Do netbooks work with mobile broadband?

yes mobile broadband only comes as a USB stick so you just have to plug it into a spare USB port on your netbook if you have no spare inputs you have to buy a hub to setup a hub you unplug one USB device and plug the hub in that space then plug that device into the hub and your mobile broadband USB stick into it as well

Does bluetooth support roaming?

If you mean "Will bluetooth work abroad", yes it will. Bluetooth has nothing to do with your mobile network provider, so it will work anywhere that there's another bluetooth device to communicate with.

Should employers restrict email Instant Messaging and Internet use and why?

Yes. It takes away from their ability to focus and do constructive, accurate work. And just as importantly you are being paid by the employer to work, so to me it is fraud to do instant messaging, face book, or whatever personal internet they are doing that has NOTHING to do with work. I ran a business from my home and it was my biggest irritant. I am paying the person to work and that person is taking my money and not working, not to mention doing a poor job of concentrating on the work at hand and producing it in a time effecient manner.

What is the difference between a mobile access platform and a Mobile Elevated Work Platform?

Mobile access platform has the word "access" between "Mobile" and "Platform" where the "Mobile elevated work platform" has "Elevated work" between them...

Does a GBC GameShark work on a GBA sp?

It does work, I have the device in front of me, the last awnser was a load of bull sh!t, email me at Nick12506@HotMail.Com is you want to b!tch to me, send me pictures ;), or if it doesn't work.

Will the GPS system on my mobile device work without high-speed service?

Yes it will. The GPS chip in cell phones is a passive chip that sends a signal to a satellite on its own. It works even if your phone has no data service at all. Yes, your GPS system on your mobile device will work without high-speed internet. It may take longer to download directions and may not work as well, but it will still be able to function.

Can you use a sprint nexus s with simple mobile?

Probably not. The Sprint Nexus S is a CDMA device. Simple Mobile uses GSM devices. An unlocked Nexus S that can run on GSM networks will work however.

A heat engine is a device that converts work into heat?

No, a heat engine is not a device that converts work into heat. It is the opposite, which means it is a device that converts heat into work.

Why do people use portable storage devices?

•A portable device, is a device that is lightweight and small so you can use at home as well as outside; for example you can use it for business travels, like you can take a laptop, a tablet or your mobile phone with you on your work journeys.