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Exercise developes muscle by working and making the muscles grow to expand

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Q: How does exercise develop muscle?
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What is the best exercise to develop muscle?

Lifting weights,is the best way to develop muscles!

What causes muscles to become fatigued and sometimes develop cramps when you exercise too strenuously?

lactic acid that gets released from your muscle when you exercise.

A weight training exercise to improve or develop quadriceps strength is?

Improve muscle strength not just of the quadriceps

Which muscles are developed when one uses an exercise ball?

An exercise ball can be used to develop many different muscle groups. Placing one hand on an exercise ball while doing a push up will help develop the pectorial and latimus dorsi muscles. Doing a crunch while seated on an exercise ball will help develop oblique muscles.

Can old people develop new muscle?

Yes. Studies have demonstrated that even people in their 90's can get stronger from resistance exercise.

How does regular exercise strengthen your heart muscle?

The only way for a muscle to be strengthened is for you to exercise it,and when you exercise your heart beats faster which that rapid beating strengthens the muscle

During exercise muscle cells use what?

During exercise muscle cells use oxygen.

How do you form muscle?


Should 9 year old's do push ups?

I would say yes because it will help them develop the muscle strength and it is great exercise for them.

Why is exercise important for muscle?

Exercise is important for muscle because it builds up your muscles, and make them stronger.

Why is it important to eat protein after exercise?

To help in muscle recovery by rebuilding damaged muscle tissue from exercise

What is the definition of Target muscle?

The primary muscle intended for exercise.

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