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How does fashion affect young people?

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they are affect the ancient culture still it'll cont thn we should forget the ancient and we can see it only through tv or books.......

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What the conclusion of young people and fashion?

youn people from 11-21 Fashion is important ;]

Disadvantages of fashion?

A disadvantage of fashion is that current trends are too expensive for everyday people to afford. Another disadvantage of fashion is that fashion has too much influence on young people.

How did young people from the country compare to city people?

they wenr't in fashion

How does fashion affect social behavior?

it does affect it cuz people looked atme and walked away but when i was a little dressed up young lady then people were glad to give mt the timeu sound so illiterate and dumb

Why do young people care so much about fashion?

It's a part of their generation. Fashion style changes through out the years, every generation's fashion is different.

What STDs can affect a young person?

All STDs can affect young people. Young people are more likely to get chlamydia just because it is so common among youth.

How does fashion affect our lives?

because people do not concentrate in their studies... they just think of latest fashion; as in today s generation fashion is most valuable thing.

How did railroad technology affect young people?

More young people traveled to the city to get jobs.

People adopt fashion why?

people adopt fashion for looking handsome/cool & young if we can't adopt it so what is the difference b/w us and the people those are living in rural areas? this is the answer which i think and i think that's why people adopt fashion.........

How does fashion affect people?

it affects how much confidence we have inside us lol

How do fashion designers affect society positively?

Fashion designers affect society positively by recreating a glimpse of their world for others to enjoy. They hope to inspire people that wear their clothes to do something great.

How did the Great Depression affect fashion?

no because the people did not dress according to the sound of the music.

How will the Olympics affect young people?

It will inspire them to get involved.

How has fashion affect your social classes?

some times people can pay too much attention on what they are going to wear and guess what.....they are going to forget all about their social classes .......but it kind of depends how much they are worried about fashion it may not affect some people do you get me?

How does design affect your daily lives?

There are a number of ways in which design affects your daily life. Design is fashion and fashion is what people judge you on in many cases.

Why does smoking affect young people?

because it burns your lungs

Does music affect fashion?

Music can affect fashion through subcultures which are into a certain kind of music. For example, the punk movement was associated with a certain type of fashion.

TV Affect On Fashion?

media does have great effects on fashion... through media fashion easily reaches out to people what ever they would like to say... and media plays a big role in affecting peoples life...

Does sitting affect young people?

only if you sit with poor posture

How does fashion affect the environment?

it is chicken

What effects does fashion have on young people?

It depends on whether you care. Some people have a lot of emotions over fashion - for example, if a shop closes down, someone might be really upset - but others just don't care. 

Why do young people wear those Christian bracelets when they are not religious?

Fashion is weird. Why do they wear sagging pants when they are not in prison? Jewelry is Jewelry; fashion is fashion. There is no regulation about wearing jewelry that contains various kinds of symbolism.

How does fashion affect people's lives?

can fashion affect people's lives and how? it can because u get more interested in make up then school work

Who created the fashion catwalk?

Gabby Young

What do fashionostas do while young?

They work on fashion