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Insurance rates, upon which premiums are based, depend not only upon the amount of coverage (the "coverage limits") but more, the nature of the risk. Homeowners insurers therefore will consider the presence of a pool in the risk calculation. Further, from the standpoint of physical damage coverage, you will want to include damage to the pool from an adverse event, so you may choose to increase the dollar amount of coverage. Those two factors may, and probably will, lead to an increase in premium.

Here are some other answers:
  • The simple answer: It depends. Many factors will vary the answer: the situation of the house; how common pools are in the area; above-ground vs in-ground; is there a fence; is there a diving board or slide; and other similar questions. Generally speaking, in Northern climates, where pools are not very common, the rates will be higher. In Southern or hotter climates, where pools are more common, the rates will be negligible. Calling around for informal quotes is your best bet.
  • I just bought a home with an in-ground pool & a diving board. I was told by one insurance broker that a number of companies will not insure pools with diving boards. I did find a company that would do so, but the rates were higher.
  • I used to work for a major insurance company and wrote homeowners policies. Our main concern was that the pool access was restricted, viz., a gate around the yard or a gate around the pool. Can the pool be seen from the street, in which case a child may be "lured" into the yard by the looks of an inviting pool. Pools are a big liability concern. In addition, please be aware that you can be sued if someone drowns in your pool even if they do not have your permission to be there. I have never understood this thought process, but it's just something to look at. The rate did not change with the company I worked for if you had a pool versus not having a pool.
  • The swimming pool at my home has never been affected by my insurance carrier state farm with a swimming pool that has a slide and board. Of course, insurance companies are always looking for a reason for the cost of insurance. Pool Pro-built Swimming Pools may offer just another benefit when an insurance company is notified.
  • Having these items is just another reason to have a swimming pool professional who is licensed and insured as the contractor. Here is something noteworthy: The major manufacturers of swimming-pool deck equipment offer the swimming pool professional -- who is licensed and insured -- an additional insurance liability rider. Again, this could be something which would save you, the owner, in the long run. I know that our company offers a copy of this cert and our regular liability cert to all of our potential customers.
  • Don't forget correctly plumbed dual main drains in every swimming pool in-ground (and above-ground) is ANSI/NSPI-5 2003 code. And adopted by most CABO & BOCA building codes also.
  • We are installing a fiberglass pool this week. I called my insurance agent -- State Farm -- and was told there will be no rate increase. I do have an umbrella policy and would recommend that anyone with a significant equity in their home -- whether they have a pool or not -- have umbrella coverage.
  • As a supplier of pool-safety gate hardware, one thing we run into is people who have to bring their pool enclosure up to code because of an insurance inspection. Some of these folks are in areas where the local department of inspections does not enforce any kind of pool codes. For more information on gate hardware for your pool gate (including a video) please see the Related Link.
  • Some companies will require you to make sure the pool has a fence or other barrier around it.
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Q: How does having a pool affect homeowner's insurance?
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Who pays for the ambulance when a child almost drowns in the pool?

Question your homeowners insurance. If it was the neighbor's pool, perhaps their liability/homeowners insurance will pick up the cost. In any case, you have to have the ambulance at any price.

Will homeowners insurance cover pool plaster repairs?

wear and tear, deterioration is not covered

Could I put in a claim to my homeowners insurance company if my above ground pool collapsed?

You can claim an insurance loss for an above-ground pool only if it was covered by the terms of your insurance policy. Check with your insurance agent.

Does homeowners ins cover a rip in liner of an inground pool?

Your homeowners insurance policy may or may not cover a ripped pool liner. It all depends on the policy form you choose when you purchase the homeowners insurance policy, the policy language and any endorsements. You should check with your agent or insurance company to determine whether it is a covered peril or not.

Does homeowners insurance cover damage to the home caused by collapse of above ground pool?

yes it does.

Is pool equipment covered on your homeowners insurance?

If the pool is an insured structure on your home insurance policy then it would be covered in the event of damage by a specified peril. Maintenance and repair of pool equipment and supplies would not be covered.

Does homeowners insurance coverage damage to swimming pool liner from the chemicals added?

You can probably cound on no coverage due to neglect or incompetency.

Will homeowners insurance cover damage to an in- ground swimming pool caused by excess ground water?

Truly depends on your insurer and what plan you have. But it should.

How much will your homeowners insurance increase in Louisiana when you install an in ground pool?

Generally having an in ground pool does not cause your insurance rate to increase. It will however cause you to have a few more responsibilities. You will have to have at least a 4 foot fence surrounding the pool and a lockable childproof gate. The lock will need to be made so that you have to reach over the gate and unlock it from the inside so that most smaller children cannot gain access to the pool area by themselves.

Will homeowners insurance pay for damage to an above ground swimming pool?

Depends on HOW the damage occurred. Your above ground pool is normally covered as 'personal property' under your homeowners policy for the listed perils. See Coverage C- Personal Property for the list of covered losses.

How do multiple loss claims on a personal articles policy for jewelry affect this policy and your Auto and homeowners?

Multiple losses on any policy will guarantee a cancellation. A cancellation on a home insurance policy will pretty much guarantee that you will not get another homeowners policy at anything close to a reasonable rate. Also, you can be assured that no company will allow you to purchase jewelry floater policy either. I hope your state has an insurance pool for those who can't buy insurance in the private sector.

Does homeowners insurance cover damage to an in ground swimming pool caused by water pressure to the exterior walls of the pool?

No. This sounds like a manufacturer or maintenance issue. Something is wrong with the pool itself or with the way it was installed as the earth behind pool walls has washed away making it loose support and fail. For a homeowners policy to pay for damages the damage must be the fault of a covered cause. I can't see how the damage you are describing could be from a coverer cause. Homeowners insurance is not made to cover maintenance issues or manufacturer defects. First I would contact whoever installed the pool. If it has been past the warranty period I would check with a professional to see what the cause of the damage is first.

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