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How does hibernation help organisms survive extreme conditions?

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It allows them to go into a deep sleep so they use a minimal amount of energy. Then when there is more available food, they come out of their hibernation and start feeding to regain their energy reserves to do it again the next winter.

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A long period of inactivity where organisms survive unfavorable environmental conditions?


How does hibernation help help organisms survive extreme conditions?

Hibernation places the animal in a low energy state that eliminates the need for foraging/hunting during periods of extreme weather. This decreases the amount of time an organism is subjectedconditions where the energy required to maintain itself in a "waking state" would be very likely to result in death.

Why do some organisms survive extreme environments?

Some organisms survive extreme environments because the species of what ever the organism is has adapted to the extreme environment they live in.

Why unicellular organisms called immortal?

I personally have never heard of them being immortal but some archaebacteria can survive very extreme conditions

What are the adaptations of an extremophile?

they survive in extreme conditions

How does eubacteria differ from archaebacteria?

Archarebacteria are able to survive in extreme conditions such as extreme heat, no oxygen and acidic environments. Eubacteria cannot survive in these conditions.

What characteristics distinguish archaea from bacteria?

Archaea include microbes that can survive in extreme conditions (acidophiles, thermophiles, etc.). Usually bacteria aren't able to survive in these extreme conditions.

Can organisms survive in conditions that they are not used to?

some can and some cannot

Organisms that live in the desert are adapted to survive a lack of water and?

Extreme temperatures

What kind of prokaryote can live where other organisms cannot survive?

The prokaryote that can live in extreme conditions where other organisms cannot is called Archaea You can find this answer in California Holt Life Science text book for seventh grade.

How does hibernation protect the bears?

During the winter, food is too scarce for brown bears and black bears to survive. Hibernation is a state of extreme sleep where metabolism slows down. This reduces energy use and allows the animal to survive winter on its fat reserves alone.

What two behaviors allow organisms that stay in Massachusetts all year to survive seasonal changes?

survival of the fittest and hibernation.

Directional selection occurs when the?

organisms on one extreme of the population have a better chance to survive than do those on the other extreme.

Archaea and eubacteria are primarily different in?

Archaea or archaeabacteria are bacteria that are able to live in extreme conditions. They are single-celled organisms lacking a nucleus. Eubacteria have linked lipids in their cell membrane and can only survive in more normal conditions.

What term is used to describe organisms that can survive in severe conditions?


What is hibernation as a form of adaptation?

Hibernation is a form of behavioural adaptation. A behavioural adaptation, as the name suggests, is when an animal's behaviour is modified to enable it to survive certain conditions.

How do animals and plants survive extreme conditions in the desert?

They survive in the desert because they adapt to the environment and are made to live in the desert.

How do frogs survive in the winter?


How does a squirrel survive in the mountains?


What are root modifications?

Root modifications are modifications of the roots that help them to survive in extreme conditions

Single-celled prokaryotes that are classified by their ability to survive extreme conditions are?


How does migeration help organisms survive in extreme conditions?

Migration helps animals survive in extreme conditions by providing them with access to food, a less harsh climate, or better protected area in which to breed or to have offspring. Many animals migrations are linked to those of other animals, for example some animals at the top of the food chain will follow packs of other animals they use as a main source of food.

The ability of organisms to survive within a limited range of environmental conditions?


A long period of inactive where organisms survive unfavorable environmental conditions?


Can hamsters survive in the cold?

Yes, usually they can. In extreme cold they will go into hibernation. This is where the hamster stores up food and stays asleep until the cold period is over. If a hamster goes into hibernation it is very important not to try to wake them up.