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Parental rights can only be taken away in Kentucky if it is proven that the parent is unfit. Child support will still need to be supplied until the kid reaches an age where he could be declared an adult.

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If you sign over your parental rights to a child do you still have to pay child support in KY?

Yes, until/unless the child is adopted.

In Ky my parental rights were terminated four years ago now I get a letter in the mail where the courts want me to pay child support can the courts do this I HAVE BEEN FIGHTING TO REGAIN MY RIGHTS?

Even if your parental rights have been terminated, your obligations do not necessarily end at the same time. The state of Kentucky can compel you to pay child support, even though you are not allowed to visit your child. Many times a good family court lawyer can help you with such a situation, especially if you want to regain your parental rights.

What legal age can you move without parental consent in KY?

When you are 18.

When parental rights are given up do you still owe child support for the child in KY?

i just wont to know how much i owe on child support for a elberton co. case(s).

Can a pregnant 16 year old get married in the state of KY?

Yes, with parental permission.

In KY if your parental rights were terminated four years ago against your wishes All of a sudden you have been petitioned to appear in court to pay child support can the courts do this?

In most states you can be compelled to pay child support even though your parental rights have been terminated. Only if the child is adopted by a step parent or a new family will your financial obligations cease.

Can a pregnant 17 year old move out in the state of KY without parental consent?


Can a 16 year old marry a 34 year old in Ky?

With parental permission a license could be issued.

Who has parental rights to a baby if the mother is 14 years old and the dad is 18 years old and they live in Ky.?

A Single Mother has sole custody and control under all possible scenarios at the time of the birth, in all states except Arizona.

Can involuntary tpr be reversed in the state of KY?

If your parental rights have been involuntarily terminated in the state of Kentucky, then you have 30 days from the date of the decision to appeal your case. The Court of Appeals can either uphold the decision or rescind the decision back to the Circuit Court.

Can father relinquish rights in KY and not have to pay child support?

see links below

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Cities in Kentucky that begin with the letter "H". Hadley, KY Hagerhill, KY Haldeman, KY Halfway, KY Hallie, KY Hamlin, KY Hampton, KY Hanson, KY Happy, KY Hardburly, KY Hardin, KY Hardinsburg, KY Hardy, KY Hardyville, KY Harlan, KY Harned, KY Harold, KY Harrods Creek, KY Harrodsburg, KY Hartford, KY Hawesville, KY Hazard, KY Hazel, KY Hazel Green, KY Hebron, KY Heidelberg, KY Heidrick, KY Hellier, KY Helton, KY Henderson, KY Herndon, KY Hestand, KY Hi Hat, KY Hickman, KY Hickory, KY Hillsboro, KY Hima, KY Hindman, KY Hinkle, KY Hiseville, KY Hitchins, KY Hodgenville, KY Holland, KY Holmes Mill, KY Hope, KY Hopkinsville, KY Horse Branch, KY Horse Cave, KY Hoskinston, KY Huddy, KY Hudson, KY Hueysville, KY Hulen, KY Huntsville, KY Hustonville, KY Hyden, KY

Where can one purchase KY lotion?

KY lotion can be purchased at most supermarkets, drug stores, pharmacies, Adult specialty stores and at discount retailers such as Walmart or Target. One can also purchase KY lotion online on the KY website.

How old do you have to be to play a game of paintball in KY?

10 to play with parental signature on a wavier. 18 to sign yourself and buy paintball markers air, ect.

What age can a person drop out of high school without parental consent in Ky?

I honestly dont know...but if you do drop out, make sure you already have a job to drop into.

What is the halfway point from Elizabethtown KY and Cape Girardeau MO?

One halfway point between Elizabethtown, KY and Cape Girardeau, MO is Dixon, KY.

What US presidents from KY?

Abraham Lincoln was born in KY and the only one with any Kentucky ties.

How long does mail take to get from Frankfort KY to Louisville KY?

One, maybe two business days.

How can a 16 year old marry a 21 year old without parents consent in ky?

If she is pregnant (which I do NOT recommend) she can apply to a district court judge for permission to marry without parental consent. That is the only way to marry for a 16yo without parental permission.

How old must you be to move out of our parents house in the state of KY if you are 16 and pregnant by a 21 year old?

When you are 18 unless you have parental permission. The pregnancy changes nothing.

Where was Kyle Ky located in Ky?


In the state of KY if you sign over your rights to your child can you stop paying support?

No - only an adoption would terminate your obligation.

What ia the legal age to move out in KY?

Eighteen, with parental consent, or through emancipation. You can only own property through being a legal adult or being emancipated. The age that you can request emancipation depends on your state laws. You can find that one out easily on google.

What is the number to Krogers in Louisville KY?

There are ten Krogers in or near Lousiville, KY; check the Kroger website for the number to the one you are looking for.

How do you get the paternal rights of kids' biological father terminated in KY so your husband can adopt them ... The bio-dad is not in the picture but won't sign away rights?

Take it to the courts.