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open hatchback, on left and right side walls, above jack cover on leftside is a about 4x8 cover panel held in place with 2 clip latches, remove the cover, reach in and find the wires to the tail light, feel around for about 4 or 6 screws or nuts (cant rember for sure) remove them and tail light assembly will come out with wires still attached, cant remember which way to twist bulb holder, then pull bulb holder out of lens assembly and replace bulb, should be just push in and turn then pull out of light socket

Open the hatch. On the left and right sides there are two panels. Remove the panels to gain access to the light unit wells. There are three (3) 5/16 flat head nuts holding the light assemby. One at the top, one in the middle through an inch and a half access hole, and one on the bottom. Use a flashlight to find them. The right hand unit is the least cluttered, so if you have a choice of which one to start with, start with that one. A 5/16 deep socket with an extender works best. Seat the socket first, then add the rachet. Once the three nuts are removed, the whole unit will pop out to the rear. There is one main wiring harness and connector on each side. To remove the connector, depress the plastic locking lever and pull smoothly apart. This I learned by trial and error while installing a trailer wiring harness. 1989 Pathfinder.

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Q: How does one replace a taillight in a 89 Nissan Pathfiner?
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