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Water is a polar molecule. Therefore, it has two charge centres. The oxygen is more electronegative than the hydrogen so it is more negative than the hydrogen. Water is a good solvent to support any solute that has positive and negative charged areas. Salts by definition are ionic - positive and negative ions. Sodium chloride, NaCl is common table salt consisting of positive Na+ ion and negative Cl- ion. Water will be able to dissolve it. Sugar is a bit more complicated. It has many oxygen to hydrogen bonds exactly like water. These oxygen to hydrogen bonds form a positive hydrogen end and a negative oxygen end just like water. Therefore, sugar dissolves well in water due to the similarity of polar bonds.

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Q: How does polarity help water dissolve sugar and salt?
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How do you dissolve rock sugar in water?

Heat the water to boiling point, then put the rock sugar in

Does waters polarity help it act as a universal solvent?

Yes. Its polarity allows it to dissolve other polar substances and many ionic compounds.

What is the best way to dissolve undissolved sugar at the bottom of a container?

I don't know, but it may help if you: .Heat the water .Add more water .Get a bigger container

What do water help to dissolve in human body?

Water help dissolve apple in bodyies

Why orange juice dissolve in water?

yes it can

What happens when a spoonful of sugar is held over a candle flame?

The sugar will dissolve into the water and the whole thing will start heating up. To get the sugar back you can evaporate the water which lets the water go away but leaving behind the sugar.

What substances can water dissolve?

the substance can disslove in water (h2o) are most POWDER. Additional answer A powder is no more or no less able to dissolve in water than if that substance were NOT a powder. Powdering something does not help to make it soluble, though it might make it dissolve more quickly if it's able to dissolve at all. Some substances that dissolve to some extent are salt, sugar, calciul sulphate, copper chloride - millions of things

Does sugar and water help acne?

Yes and no. Sugar will not help. if anything it will make it worse. On the other hand water will help.

What makes sugar cubes dissolve faster?

If the solution process absorbs energy, then increasing the temperature increases solubility, and vice versa. The sugar and water solution process absorbs energy; hence increase the temperature, and the sugar solubility increases."Sugar cubes dissolve into liquids making tasty drinks!"

What ingredients help vitamins dissolve faster?

err... Water

Does lowering the temperature of the water not help salt crystals dissolve quickly in water?


How does a particle theory explain how a solute dissolves into a solvent?

You can use the particle theory to help explain what happens when solutes dissolve. The particle theory states that there are spaces between all particles. This means that, in a sample of water, there are many water particles, but also many empty spaces. When you look at sugar. The sugar dissolves, the sugar particles separate and mix with the water particles.