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How does recycling save trees?

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Recycling makes a BIG difference. All paper that is recycled goes to a special factory that washes ink of paper and creates new sheets to start a new process. This helps because paper is made from trees and by recycling, not as many trees have to be chopped down!!!!! :-)

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Recycling newspapers helps save trees How high does a pile of newspapers have to be to save an average tree?

Recycling newspapers helps save trees. How high does a pile of newspapers have to be save an average tree?

How many trees do you save by recycling 557 lbs of paper?

10 trees

Can you save trees by recycling?

yes because paper comes from trees and paper can be recycled.

How many trees can you save by recycling A tone of paper?


Recycling newspapers helps save trees how high does a pile of newspaper have to be to save an average tree?

30 feet

Information about recycling?

recycling is very good and it helps save money all around the world and it saves trees and if they keep cutting trees we wont have any oxygen to breathe (air)

Does recycling newspaper save energy and trees?

yes ! because you can stop cutting trees , and you can avoid any kinds of landslide .

How can recycling paper help save the trees?

If paper can be remade into more paper, fewer trees are cut to be made into paper.

What are the good things about recycling?

recycling can save the environment and could save millions of tree's. except for the fact the only reason that those trees are being cut down is because of the reduction of tree farms. which is the result of paper recycling, as it stands there is nothing really good about recycling.

What is the use of recylcing paper?

the use of recycling paper is to save trees to prevent soil erosion

Why is recycling a good thing?

Recycling is good because it helps save our planets resources. Paper is a great example because recycling paper means we won't keep cutting down trees.

How do you save money by recycling?

you can save money by recycling because you can get money for recycling cans and bottles

What can people do to help save the rainforests?

people can save the rainforest by recycling paper, planting more trees and also educating other people to help save the rainforest

Advantages of recycling paper?

Paper recycling & paper shredding is good for environment & planet. Through paper recycling you can save trees, oil, water & electricity which is used to make new paper.

How many trees can be saved by recycling?

Recycling paper is not only important because it saves trees but also because it reduces pollution and it conserves valuable energy.If everybody in the US recycled only our daily newspapers we would save 250 million trees a year!ask you stuppid mom many recycled piece of paper save a tree

How many trees can you save by recycling newspaper?

If you continue to recycle newspapers over the course of a year or more, then you will potentially be saving thousands of trees. Recycling other paper products, like magazines or cardboard, can also help greatly, too.

How does recycling paper impact the world?

It helps save trees.The more paper we recycle the less trees we will cut down.

How many trees does recycling one paper save?

About a twig. It takes many papers even to equal one tree.

What are people doing to save the green?

Recycling, Carpooling, Planting Trees, Smoking less, Convincing cows to fart less

What effects does recycling have?

By recycling we can help save our enviroment...

Why does recycling PAPER help the environment?

This is because we donot have to go back and cut the trees where we obtained the paer from. Instead use the waste paper and you will save the environment.PLANT TREES.

How does recycling help save trees?

well if you recycle paper, which is made of trees, it can be used again in other paper insted of cutting down another tree. which is very good

How many trees saved by recycling cardboard?

By recycling one small adverage cardboard box saves 5 trees

What renewable resource can be saved by recycling paper?

Trees ,trees , and more trees.

What do you save by recycling aggregate?

you save bin space

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