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There is no electromagnetism but it only has magnet at its door

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Q: How does refrigerator works in electromagnets?
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Is a refrigerator an example of a permanet magnet or magnetic material?

A refrigerator is not a magnet, however it does contain an electric motor, and within that motor are permanent magnets (as well as electromagnets).

Explain the temporary nature of electromagnets?

Electromagnets have temporary nature because if you take away their electric current, the magnet no longer works.

How Are Electromagnets Used in homes?

hi it is used in the toilet hahaha and by flushing ut works

Will a fan rotate in vaccum?

The motor of a fan works because of electromagnets, and electromagnets do work in vaccum so the fan will also work in vaccum.But, the fan will not cause any flow of anything because there is nothing to flow.

What is the flow of electromagnets called?


Do all magnets have the same power?

No, some are more powerful than others, as there are your normal refrigerator magnets that hold a few sheets of paper and there are super electromagnets that can hold cars.

Is refrigerator works at -10 degree Celsius atmosphere?

If your refrigerator is outside in -10 degree Celsius weather I find that the refrigerator is unnecessary. If you do decide to still use the refrigerator outside make sure your refrigerator has a power source so that it can keep running.

How do you get scratches off black enamel refrigerator?

There is a product made to remove car scratch, widely announced years ago. If it works on a car, it will works on your refrigerator. Look for the product in car shops.

What gas law could apply to how refrigerator works?

convection currents

How are changes of states an important part of the way a refrigerator works?


How are changes of state an important parts of the way a refrigerator works?


Do electromagnets affect glue?

Electromagnets do not affect glue.