How does salt neutralise?

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I'm assuming you mean a salt neutralising an acid or base- This can not actually happen, because a salt is already 'Neutralised'

An acid can neutralise a base, and a base neutralise an acid, but when Base+Acid reacts, a salt is formed.

Adding a salt to a acid or base solution will only make it salty.

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Q: How does salt neutralise?
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What is the role of salt in DNA extraction?

To provide ionic strength,neutralise DNA,etc.

What happens when you add a acid into a base?

They neutralise each other, assuming you neutralise a volume of acid with a base of the same molarity they completely cancel each other out leaving water and a salt. The salt differs depending on the acid and base used.

What happens when you neutralize an acid?

To neutralise an acid you have too add a basic material (also called an alkali) to it.When you combine an acid and base you get a salt and water.alkali+acid----->salt+watereg: zinc oxide+sulphuric acid---->zinc sulphate+waterSo you get salt and water when you neutralise an acid

What compound is made when nitric acid is neutralised?

A Nitrate salt depending on what was used to neutralise the acid. E.g. If you used copper to neutralise the nitric acid then copper nitrate would be produced.

What does it mean when you say that acids and bases neutralise each other?

They have been turn to salt and water only

What compound is made when hydrochloric acid is neutralized?

A chloride salt, depends on what substance was used to neutralise the acid.

Acid plus base equals salt plus water?

Only when they exactly neutralise one another.

Does sodium chloride neutralise acid?

sodium/salt is neutral, so consequently sodium chloride can not neutralize acid.

Acid and base neutralise to form?

A salt and water and if the base is a metal carbonate, carbon dioxide is also formed

What happens when hydrochloric acid and salt?

Nothing when the salt is neutral (NaCl) or acidic (NH4Cl)but with a basic salt (NaHCO3) an acid will neutralise it:H+ + (Cl- + Na+) + HCO3---> CO2 + H2O + (Cl- + Na+)

How does acids respond to Bases?

Acids + Bases pretty much neutralise each other. They produce salt and water when mixed.

Do bases neutralise acids?

Yes. All bases neutralise acids.

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