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Q: How does shortening effect the quality of short pastry?
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What does the term short mean in shortcrust pastry?

Short is short for shortening

How does the term 'short' when talking about pastry and how does it relate to pastry and pastry products?

Short is probably referring to the fat used in the dough. Or it's because the pastry is crisp and flaky, since it was made with a large proportion of butter or other shortening.

What type of pie crust which is made from flour butter and shortening?

A short-crust pastry is made from flour, butter, salt, and some water, sometimes butter is replaced by shortening.

What are the defects of pastry?

Some defects of pastry might be under-cooking, over-cooking, too "short" meaning too much shortening (fat), too dry or too moist.

Causes of pastry defects?

some defects of pastry might be under -cooking,over-cooking too "short" meaning too much shortening (fat) too dry or too moist

What is the effect of all purpose shortening in cookies?

shortening is a name and a description of its function, making the dough "short". it adds fat which prevents it from rising as high. think short bread.

Why is shortcake as in strawberry shortcake called short cake?

The function of fat (that would be your butter, cream, shortening, etc.) in pastry is to make it flaky and light. Dough that contains a large proportion of fat to dry ingredients is said to be "short," and bakes up with a crumbly texture. And that's where the term "shortcake" comes from. That also explains why shortening (like Crisco) is called shortening.

What does shortening do to cake?

Shortening provides rich flavor and pleasing mouth-feel to cake. Different types of shortening, whether butter, solid vegetable shortening, or different oils, will contribute different flavors to the cake. Shortening gets its name from its function in pastry, where fat separates layers of flour, creating tender flakes, making the pastry "short." In cakes, the fat is blended more thoroughly with the flour. This process separates the protein molecules in the flour, coating them with fat and preventing the formation of gluten. This creates a moist, tender "crumb" in cakes, in contrast to bread, in which the chewy texture of gluten is desirable.

Where can you buy shortening for baking?

Probably at any supermarket - shortening is simply a food grade fat. Crisco is the most common brand - in some countries you may find Kremelta. It's called shortening because it is used to make 'short' pastry - that is, a pastry with a high proportion of fat and very little liquid. If a recipe calls for shortening you can substitute with the same weight of butter, margarine, lard or coconut fat. You can also substitute with the same weight of cooking oil but in that case you would need to reduce the volume of other liquid ingredients accordingly.

Do you use short pastry or flaky puff pastry to make Pumpkin Pie?


What is a pastry beginning with s?

Short crust pastry.

What pastry do you use for a pastie?

Traditionally short crust pastry, but now they are also made with puff pastry.

What is the function of the butter in pastry?

Butter is what makes pastry "short" (or, "light and crumbly"). It also adds the characteristic "richness". In puff pastry and flaky pastry, butter is wholly responsible for the leavening effect. When you think about it, a shortcrust pastry recipe, minus the butter is essentially the recipe for a water biscuit/cracker. Comparing these two things may help you see what difference butter has on a recipe.

Types of pastry?

Short crust pastry Puff pastry rough-puff pastry suet pastry flaky pastry hot water crust pastry choux pastry

What does the term 'shorten' mean in pastry making?

A short pastry has as much flour as it does butter

What can you use sweet short pastry with?

You can use short pastry to make biscuits and cheese twirls. The pastry is nice and crumbly and is great with cheese also try chocolate drizzled on top .To make cheese twirls mix in cheese with the pastry then shape it and bake the biscuit will have a cheesey tang to them.

Can you use shortening for butter and shortening recipes?

The short answer is yes but here can be big differences in flavor when your done.

What is short crust pastry used for?

sweet pastry is for flans, pies, tarts and tart lets

How many types of pastry are there?

short pastry (the most popular and can be sweet or savoury) rough-puff pastry suet pastry flaky pastry hot water crust pastry choux pastry

What is the raising agent in short crust pastry?

the air in the pastry to the bubble

Can you use shortcrust pastry for pizzas?

Yes, you may use short crust pastry as a base for pizza. In fact, it is much healthier and convenient to use short crust pastry than finding a pizza dough. Using of short crust pastry do not need to blind bake it, however you have to brush it with egg to give the crust a glazing . You may also consider to roll up the edge to make it like a pizza dough puffing up, similarly brush the edge of the short crust pastry to give the extra crunch and glaze.

What is short for professor?

An informal shortening of professor is: prof.

Can you freeze pastry dough?

Pastry dough is freezable for a short time. However, after a few weeks the fat will become rancid. It is freezable because many supermarkets offer frozen pastry

What pastry is jam tarts made from?

Short crust

What are words containing the root word short?

shortage and,shortening