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It is the smallest of the gas giants.

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How does Neptune compare in size with other planets?

neptune is the third bigest planet from the solar system

What four planets are known as the gas giants?

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Uranus and Neptune are usually classed as ice giants due to their similar size and colour.

What two gas giants are roughly equal size?

Technically there are none. There are only two gas giants, Jupiter and Saturn but they are not similar in size. The answer you are looking for is Neptune and Uranus but they are classified as Ice Giants, not Gas Giants.

How does Neptune compare to Earth?

Neptune is a planet like Earth and they are both the same size That answer is so wrong (no offense) but Neptune is more than 3 times the size of Earth and Neptune is a gas planet, has rings, and has no life.

How does earth's size compare to other planet?

Earth is the biggest of the terrestrial or rocky planets, but smaller than any of the gas giants.

What are the properties of jovial planets?

I suppose they would all be happy. JoviaN, on the other hand, are the general size of Jupiter, are gas giants, and are Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

How do the planets compare in size?


What planet is similar to Neptune?

Uranus is pretty similar to Neptune. They are both ice giants, are roughly the same size, occupy the outer solar system (they are notionally next to each other in 'order') and have significant chemical composition similarities.

How do four rocky planets compare to the four gas giants in size?

All four rocky planets are much smaller than gas planets.

Does Neptune have rings or other unique features?

Yes, Neptune does have rings, as to other uniquefeatures, Neptune is an almost exact twin of Uranus. (There are differences in size, and a few other characteristics not worth noting).

Which planet is Neptune simalar to?

In our solar system, Neptune is most similar to Uranus, together they are classified as ice giants. They are roughly the same size and mass and evidence some similarities in structure and composition.

How do the rocky planets compare to the gas giants in size?

Rocky planets are much smaller than gas giants.

How bigs Uranus?

Based on classification by size, Uranus is one of the giant planets or gas giants. The other three giants planets are Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. These gas giants all have diameters greater than 48000 kilometers. The other planets four planets are called the small planets. The small planets all have diameters less than 13000 kilometers.

What is the size of Neptune?

The size of neptune is 49,528 kms/ 30,707 miles across!

How big is Neptune compared to the other planets?

it is four times the size as earth

What planet does neptune same size?

Neptune is very much like Uranus in size.

Two planets with simarlar mass and size are?

Uranus and Neptune have similar mass and size. Venus and Earth are actually not as close in terms of mass. Neptune is the heavier of the two gas giants, the ratio of their masses is 0.87, while the mass ratio of Venus to Earth is only 0.82.

How does the size of the sun and its distance from earth compare to the size and distances of other stars?

well you see, the earth is already out of the question, as it is tiny compared to the sun alone. When it comes to our sun, it is one of the large we are currently able to view and study, other that red giants and super giants. is this helps try looking up a book called space. it will hold these answers in more detail

What is about the same size as what other planet?

Earth is a similar size to Venus (Earth is a bit bigger). Neptune and Uranus are also of a similar size.

What is the size of the planet Neptune?

The diameter of Neptune is 49244 km.

Size of the planet Neptune?

Neptune has a diameter of 30,685 miles.

What was the size of Neptune?

The equatorial diameter of Neptune is about 25,000 kilometers.

Is Jupiter the size of Neptune?

No, Jupiter is larger than Neptune .

What is Neptune size of planet?

Neptune is 3rd biggest planet

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