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Q: How does temperature affect reproduction of snails?
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What type of reproduction do terrestrial snails use?

Most of the terrestrial snails are hermaphrodites having the capability of producing both the ova and spermatozoa. The type of reproduction is therefore sexual.

How is the Reproduction of water snails?

dont know u fanny

What is the cycle snails go through to lay eggs?

When snails lay eggs they are acting out the natural process of reproduction.

What is the method of reproduction of mollusks?

Depends on the mollusk. Most use sexual but some snails are hermaphrodites and can perform asexual reproduction.

How does genital herpes affect the reproduction system?

Genital herpes does not affect the reproduction system

How does the water temperature affect the life span of a sea anemone?

Water temperature affects the life span of a sea anemone by reducing or increasing the amount of oxygen the animal takes in. A stressful environment with an improper temperature can also affect reproduction.

What temperature do snails like it?


Do snails have a constant body temperature?


What has the author Henry Van der Schalie written?

Henry Van der Schalie has written: 'Effects of temperature on growth and reproduction of aquatic snails' -- subject(s): Gastropoda, Development, Growth

What is the asexual reproduction?

asexual reproduction is when an organism can reproduce by itself, snails can do this where awoman cell does it with a man cell and gives it46 choromess 23 is a pair

Can light affect giant African snails?


Vasectomy and tubal ligation explain how they affect reproduction in humans?

vasectomy and tubal lugation explaine how they affect reproduction in humans

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