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There is still some debating going on to present day because the Harlem Renaissance was a complex issue. From a rather weak point of view was that little significant artistic criticism was written during the Renaissance. Many critics and historians today felt that having art created by African Americans taken seriously seemed like such a momentous step forward just enough to suffice. Some critics argue that much of the work produced during the Renaissance was of no value and that the period inevitably has been idealized, but others stress that technical mastery and ideological content did indeed bring this to the forefront. Another theory is that the Harlem Renaissance was an intellectual movement that barely touched the masses. The idea that despite a history that had divided the art and culture world reform the brotherhood. It is incorrect to assume that these black intellectuals, because of it, were not related to the black common man in Harlem. Many think that Blacks were apt to agree that [the artistic output] was a good thing and such an achievement, because it was elite in character and was also a source of race pride and an argument against continued discrimination. Other authorities point to progress in relations between African and white Americans and during the Harlem Renaissance it was acceptable for the first time for Americans of both races as equals to make and exploit social contact. The "movement" defined some priorities for the achievement of racial equality that have been played out in the modern Civil Rights Movement. Historical evidence certainly does not show weakened progress in African/American (or political or economic) development since the period of the Harlem Renaissance and history does support the view that the Renaissance was a liberating step in the search by African Americans for artistic and cultural identity on their own terms. It is important that the Harlem Renaissance continue to be studied for history.

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Q: How does the Harlem Renaissance still affect our society today?
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What theater has had a long lasting legacy of the Harlem Renaissance and is still around today?

the Apollo theater

What is the relevance of webduBois words to your society today?

W. E. B. Du Bois was the leader of the NAACP. He played a big role in the Harlem Renaissance. His words during the Harlem Renaissance played a huge role in improving the lives of African American through culture and his magazine called, The Crisis. The magazine focused on the subject of equality. Today his words still have a meaning to today's society. There is still some racism that exist today, but his words have helped inspire and strengthen the equality in America.

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Where did the Renaissance spread?

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How does the Renaissance still affect us today?

The renaissance affects us today by giving us music, art, literature, and poetry.

How did the prosperity of the 1920s affect American culture?

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What was the impact Langston Hughes had on the Harlem renaissance?

=Langston Hughes contributed a tremendous influence on black culture throughout the United States during the era known as the Harlem Renaissance. He is usually considered to be one of the most prolific and most-recognized black poets of the Harlem Renaissance. He broke through barriers that very few black artists had done before this period. Hughes was presented with a great opportunity with the rise black art during the 1920's and by his creative style of poetry, which used black culture as its basis and still appealed to all ethnicities.==Until the Harlem Renaissance, poetry and literature were dominated by white people and were all about white culture. However, during the 1920's, there was an explosion of black literature=

Why is the Harlem Renaissance remembered as one of the greatest literary movements?

Music, art, and poetry came out of it and the works are still read/joyed by people today. Langston Hughes is a perfect example as well as the jazz music that is still listened to.

Why is the Harlem Renaissance remembered as one of the greatest literary movements.?

Music, art, and poetry came out of it and the works are still read/joyed by people today. Langston Hughes is a perfect example as well as the Jazz Music that is still listened to.

Was feminism and idea of the Renaissance?

Yes Feminism was a part of the renaissance ideal. Renaissance means literally "rebirth" and feminism was not a rebirth but a birth of women's idealism. Even though it wasn't a rebirth of an idea it was still an renaissance ideal in that it re-birthed women in general to a higher status in society. Women before the renaissance were insignificant. During and after the rebirth they played bigger roles in society as artist and writer. Both of which were originally only men's occupations.

How did the Harlem Renaissance effect the world?

The Harlem Renaissance brought the world brilliant writers whose works are as relevant today as they were during the Renaissance. Writers such as Zora Neale Hurston, Langston Hughes and entertainers like Paul Robeson, Duke Ellington set literary and performance standards around the world. It also produced music styles that are still dominant today. Jazz and blues have become international music genres that helped shape and form dominant popular music styles such as Rock and Rhythm and Blues.

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When did the renaissance period take place?

The Harlem Renaissance took place from 1917 to the late 1930s. It was a period of time when Black artists, poets, writers, and singers defined the culture. One of the most important figures during this time was Billie Holiday, whose music is still inspiring people generations later.

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What movements during the 1920's affected African Americans?

The great migration was a big movement for African Americans. The great migration was when a big majority of the African Americans moved north from the south to work on farms and in factories. Even though they still faced discrimination in jobs and when they attempted to get houses to live in. Another movement would be the Harlem Renaissance. The Harlem Renaissance was the rebirth of the African American culture, than involved art, poetry, and a lot of Jazz. Louis Armstrong, Langston Hughes and many other African Americans were famous at this time. Hope this answer helped you with your question

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