How does the New Testament of the Christian Bible differ from the Old Testament?

The New Testament was written in Greek, by Jesus' followers. The God depicted emphasizes love. Specific rules/laws are not emphasized. Most of the New Testament is narratives and letters, with one book of prophecy.

The Old Testament was written in Aramaic. The writings cover a much longer period of time and the style and content of the books vary greatly. There are books of narrative, books of laws, poetry, proverbs, a love song, prophecy, history. God is often described as angry but also shows a loving side. We see a warlike people. There is nothing about Jesus in the Old Testament.


In the Old Testament, God showed anger when people disobeyed Him or worshipped idols. But God was also pleased when people obeyed Him and they were rewarded. Jesus was mentioned here onlyin prophesy.

In the New Testament, there is more emphasis on love. The commandments are still emphasized but in a new way, a different way.New Testament talks about forgiveness which is about obedience or a lack of obedience, again the main theme in the New Testamentis love.
The Old Testament is before Christ. The New Testament is the birth and death of Christ and the works of the Apostles.

*Each one has more than metioned above but this is the basis.