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Resume - just means he will go back to work when he feels better. There's no legal meaning and he doesn't have to declare that he is now back to being the president.

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Q: How does the President resume his office when he is able?
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Who informs congress that the president is ready to resume office after a period of presidential disability?

The President

Who can challenge the presidents ability to resume office after an illness?

The Vice President holds the power to deem the president unable to fulfill his duties and it also up to the VP to decide whether or not the president is well enough to return to office.

What happens if the president is sick?

If he is expected to recover the Vice President or another official is appointed to assume his duties until he is well enough to resume function; if his ilness prevents him from being able to return to his duties he must either resign or be removed from office, and the Vice president becomes Presidnet.

How long can a president remain in office for an why?

In the United States, a president is able to have two terms in office. Each term lasts for four years.

How does the president get into office?

The president is elected into office.

When does The Office resume?

January 10, 2013

What are the needs of office secretary?

you need a resume

What is the one limit on naturalized citizens when compared to natural born citizens?

They are not able to run for President, or hold the office of President.

Who becomes president of the US f the president should die?

Should the President die in office, or otherwise no longer be able to serve, then the Vice President moves up.

Was President Johnson convicted?

President Andrew Johnson was charged with a crime against congress. He was never convicted and was able to remain in office.

The qualifications for the President and Vice President are the same except for age?

False- they are the same with no exceptions. The reason is the the vice-president must be able to assume the office of President at any time.

is Obama trying to be a king instead of a president and no amount of his time in office?

There are many citizens who believe Obama is trying to be a king, but the truth is, he is just being a president with the amount of time he is able to be in office.

Is the president the oath of office?

No, the president is not the Oath Of Office.

How can an elected president come into office when United States is at war?


How does the president transfer his powers to the vice president temporaily?

The Twenty‐fifth Amendment establishes procedures by which the vice president becomes "Acting President" in the event of disability and the president may resume the powers of the office on the termination of the disability: by the president's written declaration or the vice president's together with a majority of top executive officials.

What are MS office skills called to write in a resume?

Just say you are skilled at Microsoft Office applications.

How long can a vice-president stay in office?

the vice president is usually in office as long as the president who chose the vice president stays in office

Identify a constitutional amendment passed since 1960 that illustrates the Constitutions flexability?

The 25th amendment (1967) to the Constitution shows the Constitution's flexibility. When the Constitution was first drafted, it did not have any provisions for presidential disability or vacancy in the office of vice president. This amendment established a process whereby if the president becomes disabled, the vice president assumes the responsibilities of that office until the president can resume his duties.

What happens when a president dies in office?

The vice president becomes president if the president dies or resigns his office.

Did the US expand when president James Monroe was in office?

yes, he was able to expand some of the US territory

The hiring manager asked you to send your resume in word form how do you this you attached your resume from Word Perfect?

You should be able to save your Word Perfect resume in MS Word format. Use the Save As and select MS Word. That way the Hiring Manager will be able to open the resume to read it.

How can you find out if a university is seeking regional accreditation?

You can contact either the Office of the President, or the Vice President for Academic Affairs at the university. They should be able to advise you.

Can the president appoint himself to office as the president of the US?

The President of the US receives that office by vote of the citizens of the United States. He cannot appoint himself to the Office of President, or to any other office.

What happens when a president dies or leaves office?

The vice president become the president if the president dies or resigns his office.

Office of the England president is called?

England does not have a president. As England does not have a president, there is no office of the president so there is no name for one.