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Most people (not all) marry a person of the same intelligence level and socioeconomic group. This is usually because they are in the same social groups as these people. If you attend college, you are more likely to date people attending college. If you live in a suburb or a rural area, you are more likely to date someone you see regularly.

As far as education, statistics claim you are more likely to have a higher income with the more education/degrees you receive. It is true that dropping out of high school and not getting a GED drastically cuts your chances of good employment. But with all the losses of jobs--not just manufacturing but high tech jobs as well--it's not a given anymore that a college education will give you career or financial security.

The less education and knowledge you know prevents you from running in bigger circles and limits the type of people and the type of educated people you will often find yourself sharing something in common with AND hinder your social circle as well as work prospects. So, YES, it does. It also prevents you from having things in common with intelligent people if you are not well informed on many things in life. Education is probably the best investment you will ever make for yourself. FIGHT FOR IT AND GET ONE.

Yes. Knowledge is a blessing, and it can help you in every part of your life.

I don't think the level of your education has a dramatic impact on who you marry or the life you lead. You may have more opportunities for a successful career if you went to college, but there are plenty of college graduates who are unemployed and plenty of high school graduates (and dropouts) running successful companies. My husband graduated high school and didn't persue college, while I graduated college and am now a professional. We both work very hard and our educational differences have never been an issue. I've taught him things and vice versa. We both bring something to the relationship and benefit from each other's input and capabilities.


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the person that wrote you r dumb is stupid and i don't no the answer to that question

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because they are two different things. a salary is a fixed amount of money that an employee will get, for example, £20,000 per year. other work, such as overtime will not affect the salary and the employee will receive the fixed amount regardless of any extra work he/she may have done. a wage is the amount of money that an employee will receive per hour, for example, £5 per hour. this means that the amount of money a person earns is based on the amount of time they spend working. overtime is included in this, and some employees may get about 50% more per hour doing over time.

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